Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Maison Bleu

One of the benefits of living in Ghettoville or G-ville for short is not having to contend with pesky zoning codes and their enforcements. In this sense G-ville is way more Republican in spirit (as in the old old party of Lincoln) than those annoying "planned communities" like Plasticville, USA which is way too much like a new version of the DDR and "planned economics". Speaking of the DDR these days going to the Pharmacy is like a public nusaince with Soviet era styled lines of sick people waiting on their drugs. I mean this is totally shocking culturally speaking - the lines at the corporate pharmacy are a veritable pulse of the Nation and everyone looks chronically ill and/or over weight. How the current Bush II/Cheney Junta Fake Republican politico's were able to reintroduce Soviet era styled line of broke "consumers" at retail check points is beyond me. Capitalism invented the soup and bread lines not the good old Soviets. I'd call them good old corrupt Soviets except compared to todays Neo-Cons they seem nostalgic and quaint compared to the Bush II regime which should be run out of Washington if not the Nation as a hole. Haliburton relocated to the UAE - so can these theives of the people. America just won't or can't wake up to the AIPAC thugs who scammed these guys in office to carry out their Zionist aims at our expense. But no one wants to know because there is nothing anyone can do and nobody here wants a guilty conscience. At least it is still legal to discuss all of this in the Iran of today which is looking more and more capable on the political leadership level of confronting the realities of today's complex world - something the Neo-Cons and the Dems are unable or unwilling to do at least publically. Well I'm still voting for Obama despite wanting to vote Independent. G-ville needs Obama but does Obama need or will he remember G-ville? I doubt it.

But this blogette was about not having code enforcement and zoning laws to deal with - all of which just seems way too much like Israeli styled flexible borders of control and punishment.

So given that I am not residing in McMansionette-ville and am in the more Libertarian G-ville I'm able to paint my house any color scheme I choose... I chose Turqoise with black trim for a 1950's home style on acid. My neighbors all expressed pleasure in the shock of color that sprouted up on this street. Pretty soon I expect this small drive into and out of lil' Moghadishu will be painted up like a row of Fiesta ware post war homes. Which is as it should be.

Little Pink Houses for you and me... as that song went...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

la fleurs du Ghettovillette

Backyard in Ghettoville. These days it is hot, humid, rainy and all around sub-tropical damp. I'm covered in sweat and am impressed by the green and flowers. This garden is my at home backyard memorial to my folks as their cemetery is too far away to visit regularly to maintain with these gas prices. They would approve of my thrify solution for theirsake. Mostly I am trying to adjust to the permanency of their departure and trying to stave off feelings of loneliness and despair - with these flowers that is easy but winter will be more challenging.