Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come back Michael Cleveland

Passed by this spot on Monday August 25th close to sunset bringing fresh plucked marigolds (orange) and a dog named Rusty. I just had to see the place where Michael passed too quickly beyond this consciousness. I feel like I still need you and still have a lot to learn from you Michael. I miss your smile and energy.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arabesque in Ghettoville

Arabeque is asking fellow Bloggers like me to start up and write their own nine/eleven anniversary blogs. My blogettes have always had nine/eleven as a running theme, sometimes in the background and sometimes in the foreground - conciously or unconsciously. I declare - I believe 9/11 was an inside job (from before it became socially acceptable to say so from outside closed doors) and that the Bush/Cheney Junta should be impeached before or after 1/20/09. I have been fired for much less petty things so why shouldn't they be immune? Dennis Kucinich seems like a real American US version of a North West European or Scandinavian politician for the people who is just doing his job. The Corporate/Media world is afraid of him so he is just ignored and We the People thus continue suffering for the Corporate-o-cracy we live under. In addition we live behind an electronic iron curtain of mis-information that surrounds the United States and it's invisible and very few people behind it even realize it's there but the rest of the world knows about it. So for all intents and purposes my blogettes are just another pulse or emergency flare being sent up as a cry for help to the powers that be (that obviously really don't care) - sadly the Clintons are included and we can assume ditto for Obama - I refuse to even mention that idiotic McCain and Able... But for the record I want none of the blood of this current terrible history that is unfolding around us on this planet at this time because the United States is the global Terrorist network that frightens the planet - I say - I want none of this blood on my hands (from enabling the suffering of Palestinians by a cruel and merciless Israel thanks to the AIPAC thug like grip on the US political and media matrix - or for the senseless US military industrial complex maneauvering in Afghanistan, Iraq or possibly for Iran) - I don't want the blood of this economic greed driven invasions for "Democracy" (read oil) just because I have no choice but to be a tax payer to fund all this Romanesque Empire suffering. We all have to answer to our higher power - how do I answer for being a silent taxpayer - I blogged you see - seeing whats going on between the lines of a Zionist leaning lying media and politicians - unable to do anything to stop this carnage of modernity. This is not Democracy. This is not America. Nine Eleven was an inside job - The people at the top of the food chain irregardless of their nationality - call them the Bilderburg Group if you want - Oligarchs - or Vampires who pray upon the life of the People - Nazi's or Zionists - these control mongers from the Bush Dynasty to Clintons to Obamas to Rockefellers to Cheneys probably though hopefully not Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundations - to whoever - they know who they are - Just because they don't believe in anything doesn't mean we approve of their blood and oil thirst. Neither do we approve of our economic serfdom with our tiny lives and being complicit to their crimes for our having to be a drone of a tax payer to fund all this suffering when We the People could be funding education, healthcare, housing, transportation, urban planning without automotives and most importantly jobs for We the People.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Move On's Tupperware TV Party is an insult to the memory of MLK

The following is in response to Move On dot Org's e-mail suggesting I like other Americans host a TV party for Obama's drama speech on the Martin Luther King drive by shooting anniversary. Oh my talk about Liberal bourgiousie being out of touch with the streets of Ghettoville.... (Not surprising my reply to Adam Ruven from MoveOn dot Org who sent me the invite annonymously - bounced back - Oh you know the Democratic Party copper heads really are such a bore - voting is always about choosing the lesser of the two Evils that the Chosen have chosen for us - this year is an easy one - I agree with Paris Sheraton I mean Hilton that McCain is old - I don't trust pink elbowed types with translucent skin conditions)...

Oh for gods sake why don't we just have Tupperware parties for Obama. Listen this country hasn't had a black leader in the white house since Lincoln and he was shot like a Kennedy too. A black president was needed years ago during the Race riots but the old white guard wouldn't face the times then. Now that the African American community might be eclipsed shortly by the Hispanic Community it's suddenly time for a black president now or never. But this idea of a chez moi soiree avec de television sur la Ghettovillette is more than pastiche its ludicrous - why don't you all come to GhettovilleUSA in Columbus, Ohio (better yet invest your lives and your money here) and see what really matters. Everyone has had a TV for generations now - we don't even get together to watch college football for fear someone not related might fart in the same room - those days of TV gatherings out on the porch for your neighbors went with black and white TV and Whites only restrooms and the whole notion of "back of the bus" - back when there was dependable public transportation. But here in 21st Century Ghettoville for all you clueless posh types White academic liberal types - people in Ghettoville despite their various melting pot racial makeup are struggling with obesity and no health insurance; car driving without auto-insurance; single glazed rotten windows in ticky tacky post world war II housing built for a housing shortage - trapped in houses that were past their sell by dates decades ago. Multiple family members strewn about in various complex Gaza City styled "reformatories" - This is Ohio - stinking hot summers and cold as a Republicans heart winters. Try heating one of these tumble down rape-cods as we call them - or running the airco so you don't kill someone in your house when it is 92 Fahrenheit degrees. If you don't get in touch with GhettovilleUSA then Ghettoville won't bother to spend the gas money necessary to go vote come election day. Which will be as if GhettovilleUSA gave their votes to McCain and Able. Honestly you all at MoveOn are trapped in your bourgeois excesses and clearly out of touch with the cold hard facts of life on these pot holed Bush II administration era streets. Now if you want to bring back dime bags for a dime for Obama then this neighborhood will be singing hallelujah and speaking in tongues for Obama - not defaulting into church life because there isn't anything else around here that's gonna save anyone that doesn't cost as much as the over priced Hollywood fare. We are struggling with gas for the uninsured broken down car or food on the table in the uninisured house for uninsured kids with little or no education - talk about a mind being a terrible thing to waste - GhettovilleUSA has been like this for generations and Mr Obama might know about it intellectually but he'd rather make sure he says the right thing for the AIPAC because that's who run things now. This is not America no mores. Just come here at least long enough to put some tent stakes down if not roots and get a clue about those of us at the bottom of the retail food chain before you suggest another brilliant Tupperware Party scheme for Obama. No wonder Bush II got reelected after he stole the vote from Mr Gore who didn't have the balls to fight him. Take a stand - Take a risk - accept the consequences. And no Avon Parties or Lingerie Parties for Obama either. Its not like we don't already know Obama is a Shoo in after Bush II but at least try to make it look like something Democratic is actually transpiring.
Have a party to Impeach the Bush - Cheney Junta and suggest capital punishment for career politicians. MoveOn dot org needs balls or at least a good set of ovaries.

Matthew Crouch
next to lil'Moghadishu
aka Ghettoville north by north east of Linden aka Gangsterville

Diary of an Atom Bomb

It's the day after - the day after the anniversary of the US bombing of Hiroshima. Nagasaki is coming soon. For some reason I can never forget these Atomic Starburst dates in history - and to think that there was a ceramic dish set for 1950's US households with a pattern called the Atomic Starburst in fab fifties colors - Made in American and California at that - not China - called Franciscan. I remember hearing Gore Vidal saying that Japan had been trying to surrender for months but the US military industrial complex wanted to try Einstein's and Oppenheimers new toys in real time on a real place on real people. If you ask me we have been lied to by the US government over and over to justify their war games. Now we are doing much the same thing again in Iraq and Afghanistan - which we were lied to about - and we are going to try to do the same thing in Iran. The lie with Iran is it's nuclear ambitions or rather nuclear intentions - and we are asked to forget that Israel has upset the nuclear balance of the middle east for years now with its gruesome nuclear arsenal disproportionately large for the region - and we are expected to forget Israels wonton disregard towards their human rights record with Palestine and the Palestinians or towards any Internationally agreed Geneva Conventions.

I find it hard to live in this country knowing these things. Knowing I can do nothing about the course of this history as it unfolds around me in my life time. I don't like that the US is known the world around as a liar. Wether it is lying for entertainment purposes from the US ministry of misinformation and propaganda otherwise known generally as "Hollywood" - or for R. Murdoch's version of the "news" - or the US "local" news - which is the idiot news. Or wether it's the invisible Electronic Iron Curtain of Information that surrounds the United States that is only pierced from within by those people with the time and drive to find alternative non-domestic news sources via the Internet - thank God for that tool.

What sort of times are these we live in? A dark age - caught in the analogy of Plato's Cave from his ancient tome the Republic book Seven? A book Republicans in the US know nothing about.

How does one reconcile that we live in Gog and Magog from Saint John the Apostles vision from the Isle of Patmos as recorded in the book of the Apocalpse - The Revelations - from the Christians Holy Book - the Holy Bible. Gog and Magog - Israel and United States.

How does one accept that as Leo Strauss pointed out in the 1950's that the Americans drive for individualism and consumerism contained the very seeds of our own destruction - (not foreign terrorists as we have been told) - a wise warning if ever there was one - a warning which the Neo-Cons in Washington DC missed the basic point of while trying to capitalise on for their own greed and ambition.

I find it hard to live here and know what's going on between the lines of misinformation. I find it hard to pay taxes to a system that is manipulated by the AIPAC for non-American aims. Where is McCarthy's UnAmerican ideals now? With companies like Exxon and Wal-mart (to name a few) exploiting the hardest working, lowest paid workers. When there are no labor unions or governmental bodies to protect the interests of the lowest wage earners from blood thirsty corporate Vampires who are feeding on the lives of we the People. When people close to the bottom of the food chain have to juggle how much gas to put in their car or food on their table. When there is no health insurance or car insurance or public transportation.

What does America fight for when it drops Atom bombs? When we fight a phantom idea of "terrorism" and only hurt ourselve by losing our unique civil liberties. When we decimate or have decimated places like Cambodia or Palestine - do we really have anything better to offer to replace things with? Clearly not anymore. Drive through Ghettoville and see the rotten American pie dream that is many peoples reality. There is nothing to believe in, nothing to live for - it is a nihilist nightmare thanks not to failed liberal democratic policies but to lies and mis-information brought on by the losers without a cause the Neo-Conz - con-artists if you ask me.

We as a nation aren't spreading democracy at home or abroad - we are spreading the lie of Consumerism. Consumption of military aims and products, then useless and meaningless goods engineered with planned obsolence - all at the expense of our environment and our communities and families.

The only remedy to this disease is to Kill Your TV - but no one is going to do that for it is the new opiate of the Masses.

The nightmare that began on a flight called the "Enola Gay" in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still like a rising and spreading toxic mushroom cloud expanding and trapping us all in its poisonous and demonic trance. Like Dresden Deutschland those cities succumbed to an Anglophone Allied lie - a lie which years later is still trapping and encircling and enslaving us all.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blue Savanah

The Blue project... and the backyard flower tribute to Charles Burchfield. It's been a hard working blue painting weekend. Blue Savanah like the old Erasure video....