Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rat Trap

Don't laugh my rat trap home is paid for...

...which is alot more than most of those sub prime sub urban ticky tacky McMansions dwellers can claim.

Since my property would be worth more without the old wooden house of clutter I call home I don't even have to pay for home owners insurance which I can't afford without a credit history anyways.

This old mess cost me less than a years rent for a one bedroom apartment. Even in the worst case scenario I won't loose money except by over rennovating the place.

Why dontcha move to G-ville and get smart about low life living?

Eat Sleep Work

Here is a visual diary of my living in filth and working poor lifestyle.

SOS - I need a personal assistant, social worker, therapist, and cleaning person with good organization skills.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Adopted By Alley Cats

Over the weekend two cats - a thin mommie cat and her kitten - showed up in my driveway and stayed the night. I opened the garage and offered food and water and they stayed as if they always belonged here. I'm not sure if someone
dropped them off or if they just past by and liked
the vibe at my place and thus stayed. Honestly I
can't take on another mouth to feed but now
I find myself an unexpected member of the
Alley Cat Alliance. Given that Ghettoville has
mice, rats and other nighttime rodents these cats
are a welcome addition.

I was recently asked where exactly is Ghettoville - or
G-ville for short. I had to think and realized that
it is certainly more than this odd quartier of central Ohio.
In reality it is that basin that runs from New York City and
Miami all the way out West to East LA and San
Francisco. We once called a part of LA "the Valley".
Now it seems more transcontinental these days.
Middle America at or below the working poor
poverty line somewhere South of Canada and
North of Mexico and Rio Grande an inland sea of
parking lot tarmac and retail shed architecture
caught between two Oceans. Nowhere-ville would
be more accurate.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Day Another Flower Blooms Unnoticed in Mifflinville

Wild swamp Irises grow in the front yard and two of seven cactus blooms can be seen today. I'm still practicing thankfulness to stave off despairing. The Iris is the city flower from Bruxelles mon Amour - a place I miss dearly. I try to keep in mind I couldn't afford this kind of green over there without a few extra zero's to my name, bank account and paycheck. Strange that all I am missing in life are those neccessary zero's after the numbers to my name. It seems California legalized gender blind marriage benefits on my birthday and yet meanwhile my divorce goes down anyday now. Well I was never good at the monogamy thing and not lying to others entails first being honest with myself. All of that cost me the dream life I knew in Villette on those old and exquisite streets from an ancient city Tussen Hemel en Aarde (between heaven and earth - are the dream like gothic spires and domes - and tower blocks of old and new Bru-town - Brussels, Belgium - my other home). And yet saying all that my heart is saved for Yemen and it's extraordinary capitol - Sana'a. If I have a homeland on Earth it is the enchanting and mystical Republic of Yemen with some of the kindest people this earth at present knows. And yet in reality I dwell in Ghettoville, USA. It's hard to believe from here that I know the mysticisms of Multan - enjoyed some of the happiest times in my life Karachi, Pakistan and found new meaning to life and my identity in the old city of Sana'a, Yemen. I've spent a night in the UAE and long to go back. I dream of Mekkah and Medinah and long for a roadtrip from Dubai to Muscat. I want to spend a series of twilights in the old, old city of Damascus, Syria. For the moment I am trapped in a small wooden bungalow between utility bill payments that are over due and utterly confusing to me. Trapped between and eight of a tank of gas and empty. Trapped between basic home repairs that need made and the ability to fix themself or pay someone competant enough to do so.
It could be worse I could have debts and health problems...
Yet all I can consider is that our spoiled rich kid out of touch President our times very own let them eat cake Marie Antoinette and his puppet masters just want their greedy corporate hands to destroy our coastlines and Alaskan wilderness for their own profit - not so we can fill up our gas tanks to commute around our motorcities - those lying unethical henchmen will drive up global oil prices to get what they want because they have never had to choose between food and quarter of a tank of gas. Those men should be as Kucinich has called for with 35 or 60 articles of Impeachment - thrown out of office - put on trial and forced to tell the truth of what they have done to the country they swore to serve. Those men should not be allowed to go down in a white washed history of lies and deception for the people of this nation and the planet deserve better and at least the truth.
The book of Revelations from the Christian holy book the Bible spoke of Gog and Magog (Big Israel and Little Israel) and the Apocalypse those Corporate states caused - Tel Aviv and DC two invented Cities thrust upon lands that didn't want them. I can't afford to pay taxes - wether it's sales tax or property tax or taxes from my paycheck and I certainly don't want my money for taxes going to support a nation that disregards basic Geneva Conventions like Israel is doing to support the cliche notion of a Pure Jewish State - at the expense of Indigenous Christian Arabs or Muslim Arabs. All those Neon Jesus McChurches across America to the gilded Pope in Rome should be sounding the bells and sirens that Israel is driving out indigenous Christians from the towns and villages that spawned their religion devoted to the memory of Christ and his beattitude. And that is the great deception - Protestant and Catholics know nothing of the fates of their Brothers and Sister from their Faith in the Holy Land of Palestine - and how Christian is it to wontonly ignore the fates of Muslim Arabs who live alongside Christian Arabs - One would have thought that ethnic cleansing and the intention for pure statehood would have gone the way of Hitler and his followers. My tax dollars should not help fund a state built on such extravagant lies and fake prophecies to the tune of 22 million dollars a day to punish Palestinian non-Jews for the crimes of Nazi Germany toward the Europeans of a Jewish Faith from the first half of the last century. Israel cannot make up its mind from one day to the next where its borders lie and the host of Palestinian Arab Christians and Muslims and secular Atheists are tied up and kept in a prison state based in a conspiracy of international lies and deceipts from an all too willing accomplice of the global media cartell - UPI REUTERS et all. It is just too obvious when listening to NPR or reading the NYTimes that there exists a glaring bold face daily deception progagation on what is happening behind an inhumane wall and statewide prison system of present day Israel. A system that if not stopped in its tracks soon will be exported and capitalized upon around the globe in no time at all. Perhaps this is the Apocalypse Saint John on the Isle of Patmos depicted in the book of Revelations from his visions. Or we are just finding ourselve around the planet falling into a global serfdom of a prison planet.

We must not forget that Jews, Muslims and Christians have lived in peace and prosperity for centuries longer than the current crimes against an unarmed and defenseless people have been perpetrated by a nuked to the gills state of falsehood called Israel. It is time to start listening to Iran not neccessarily because they have the answers but because they know something about a region the West knows little about. It is time the US stopped enabling Israel and it is time we stopped this Gog and Magog approach to foreign policy. Nothing has made me doubt the notion more than present days Israels treatment of its non-Jewish self.

Through the media haze people are waking up - the truth is there if you choose to look it in the eye. Reality isn't quite what we were told it is.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Backyard Garden Flowers Before Midsummers Eve

Not everyday in my strange life here is all
that bad - Yesterday found me happy and enjoying life despite the political and economic climate we find ourselves in. So to celebrate a moment in time here are some springtime flowers from Ghettoville.

I think I never learned the habit of being happy so when it occurs being happy feels surreal - like an unfamiliar house guest - like there is something wrong in the Matrix program I am stuck in. That makes it harder to practice being thankful as well. This is my attempt.

But it was short lived as local NPR (otherwise known as Radio Judaica) was jammering on about how heating bills will be 300 dollars a month this winter - So I am doomed to be even more working poor. No summer roadtrip, not holiday away from work and the urban grind. No bank account to look forward to and certainly more utility bills backing up on my desk unpayable. Would somebody stand up and Impeach Bush II/Cheney Junta and put those DC types on trial for crimes against Ghettoville.

Can't the Bilderburg Group do something
humanitarian for once that isn't self serving for that stupid myth of a new world order.
Now I have to get creative and figure out how to run a 1950's wood frame house without insulation and single pane windows off the power grid if I am going to survive financially. I mean how to do that on a no budget lifestyle throughout an Ohio winter. It's not like I have money to buy a pot-bellied Ben Franklin cast iron stove. Certainly no money for solar water heating... But I do think I will have to be saying goodbye to AEP and Columbia Gas pretty soon... usher in an old Appalachian lifestyle but that would require being out of work. Maybe I can rig up my computer to an excersize bicycle generator to stay wired so I can keep on bloggin'...

I am Republican at heart as in the party of Lincoln but I will never vote Republican again as I have said many times. The thing is if Obama weren't African American I wouldn't even bother voting - I just want to see a Black man in the White (man's) House for once. But I doubt he will change the economic reality of Ghettoville or Gansterville, Ohio or elsewhere. I mean I hope so and I dearly want someone to believe in for once to actually do something from the Oval Office that provides basic relief for the People not the Corporations we slave for.

How about getting out of Iraq - how about putting this present dark administration on trial. How about we rally behind Kucinich for spelling out all those articles of Impeachment. Guess none of this serves the needs of the AIPAC or radio Judaica (NPR and the NYT) would be yammering on about this relentlessly like a moaning and complaining Barbaras Streissand and Waters all rolled into one media Siren song. Meanwhile 22 million dollars a day goes to Israel by us US taxpayers when our own country is in a vapid decline - we sure could use a slice of that around here these days - too bad Yom Kippur guiltiness only occurs once a year.

Monday, June 16, 2008

lil Moghadishu is Burning and a Cactus Blooms in Ghettoville

lil' Moghadishu is Burning

lil' Moghadishu is Burning

That was the chant on Albert Avenue or Alberet Avenue depending on which street sign you read.

Although it is not quite aparant from the photo the smoke and fire are from the Capitol South Apartments burning last night on Fathers Day. That spectacle was in the front of the little bungalow I call home here in my exile of love from Belgique c'est chic. The cactus blooms in the adjacent photo are from the backyard garden. Who would have known at this latitutde cactus could not just survive winter and thrive to bloom but that at this longitude many Somalians have made their home and become a vibrant part of life over on this side of town. Regretably the media's take on the fire last night was to blame the Somalians who called 911 for a communication problem thus delaying emergency help to a poorly built high density neighborhood built on the borderline of Columbus and Mifflinville. The local media (the idiot news from the networks) repeatedly fails to report that crime in this corner which ran so high that police still admit they never came down this street at night for fear of getting shot. Now with a large Somalian community making their homes here crime has dropped, liquor use is down and the new Mosque has revitalized a sagging community area. This is the story the media ignores but they wasted no time in blaming this whole collosal sized fire on the victims not on our decaying emergency broadcast/911 systems. Of course I heard the FBI was there too but I doubt they were there to help anyone. It was an impressive display of heavy rescue equipment and burley firemen and cops and mischievous media types and their technicians who nobody can trust.

Life over here in Mifflin-town or Ghettoville as I affectionately call this unique quartier of a generic midwestern town with the lame name of Columbus - such a name for a landlocked city no less! But this quartier has become strangely beautiful and colorful which is not to say it isn't culturally challenging but a unique urban vibrancy is happening here all the same - I'm looking forward to the opening a new Somalian Suq anyday now this summer despite the Bush II economic woes we are all stricken with. Like Kucinich has pointed out it still isn't too late to IMPEACH THE BUSH II/CHENEY JUNTA...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mifflinville from the Alley

Here is some photo documentation of the little alley behind my residence in Mifflinville aka Ghettoville just down the street from Columbus' Lil'Moghadishu. I got this place for 12,000 dollars and it was worth every penny. I don't really expect the property to appreciate that much unless Obama gets elected President. I'm still mad at Obama for his Prostitutional Speech at the AIPAC Convention (really a high school pep rally done up like a Las Vegas show). What can Obama say now to Palestinians Americans and their families trapped in Palestine after promising Jerusalem to the Occupiers? Voting for Presidents is always about choosing the lesser of the evils on offer. Which until that AIPAC speech I thought this election would really be different. I really did. At least when McCain (and Abel) spoke at the AIPAC pep rally he sounded hypocritical, all tongue in cheek like if he were smart enough for that, leering back at the AIPAC Network of political control due to it's shameless media connections that can make or break political leaders in the US. The fact that McCain and Abel did all that while putting on Ronny Reagan (Ray-guns) geriatric voice was pure kitsch. It was cute that after that miserable AIPAC night Hilary comes out about not running - as if she were waiting for the AIPAC-ers to tell her wether to drop out of the election or not.

Meanwhile I listen to infowars dot com and wonder if its all a Bilderberg Conspiracy - Wether it's Al Gore ranting on about an inconvenient truth or infowars going on about prison camps for the middle classes it all depresses me to the point of driving me to call the suicide hotline - or at least to check out the online alternatives to suicide - plant a garden - walk the dog - which I did. I feel suicidal because I can't pay my utility bills and the suicide hotline can't help there either...
Al Gore is a farce because he let us down in the 2000 election - he should have fought Bush II for the White House - he didn't so why should I watch his movie on DVD - as if I didn't know all that already. See the clothes line behind my house - I don't use my used electric clothes dryer because I can't afford the utility bills on my house anyway. I am about ready to retire my old Hyundai Elantra with that fab Saab styling for a bicycle because gas is 4 dollars a gallon except then I'll need a horse and buggy in the winter to get to work because thar ain't public transportation grids anymore thanks to the auto-lobby-corporatists.

I plan to vote InshAllah for Obama - the thing is as much as I want him to be President I really will regret having to run him through my Blogette Presidential Critial Analysis Mill or rather medieval torture device. Obama is the best thing this country has had since the Kennedy's were alive (and the hallowed Kennedy's were all rather good old American playboys but the best we had). We all might miss the Clinton years but we can't turn back the clocks either. After all these miserable Bush II Monarchial years of taxation without representation having the Clintons back in office is just too much like a petty family feud playing itself out at the expense of a nation in an astonishing and unacknowleged (by the media) economic Depression. Miss Hilary as they call here in this quartier is just too posh SUV Suburban out of touch for these alleys and roads of Mifflinville. Maybe She will have a chance in 2016 if we all survive the end of the Mayan Calendar election year after this years round. It is still not too late to Impeach Bush II and rethink the control freaks from the AIPAC.