Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Backyard Garden Flowers Before Midsummers Eve

Not everyday in my strange life here is all
that bad - Yesterday found me happy and enjoying life despite the political and economic climate we find ourselves in. So to celebrate a moment in time here are some springtime flowers from Ghettoville.

I think I never learned the habit of being happy so when it occurs being happy feels surreal - like an unfamiliar house guest - like there is something wrong in the Matrix program I am stuck in. That makes it harder to practice being thankful as well. This is my attempt.

But it was short lived as local NPR (otherwise known as Radio Judaica) was jammering on about how heating bills will be 300 dollars a month this winter - So I am doomed to be even more working poor. No summer roadtrip, not holiday away from work and the urban grind. No bank account to look forward to and certainly more utility bills backing up on my desk unpayable. Would somebody stand up and Impeach Bush II/Cheney Junta and put those DC types on trial for crimes against Ghettoville.

Can't the Bilderburg Group do something
humanitarian for once that isn't self serving for that stupid myth of a new world order.
Now I have to get creative and figure out how to run a 1950's wood frame house without insulation and single pane windows off the power grid if I am going to survive financially. I mean how to do that on a no budget lifestyle throughout an Ohio winter. It's not like I have money to buy a pot-bellied Ben Franklin cast iron stove. Certainly no money for solar water heating... But I do think I will have to be saying goodbye to AEP and Columbia Gas pretty soon... usher in an old Appalachian lifestyle but that would require being out of work. Maybe I can rig up my computer to an excersize bicycle generator to stay wired so I can keep on bloggin'...

I am Republican at heart as in the party of Lincoln but I will never vote Republican again as I have said many times. The thing is if Obama weren't African American I wouldn't even bother voting - I just want to see a Black man in the White (man's) House for once. But I doubt he will change the economic reality of Ghettoville or Gansterville, Ohio or elsewhere. I mean I hope so and I dearly want someone to believe in for once to actually do something from the Oval Office that provides basic relief for the People not the Corporations we slave for.

How about getting out of Iraq - how about putting this present dark administration on trial. How about we rally behind Kucinich for spelling out all those articles of Impeachment. Guess none of this serves the needs of the AIPAC or radio Judaica (NPR and the NYT) would be yammering on about this relentlessly like a moaning and complaining Barbaras Streissand and Waters all rolled into one media Siren song. Meanwhile 22 million dollars a day goes to Israel by us US taxpayers when our own country is in a vapid decline - we sure could use a slice of that around here these days - too bad Yom Kippur guiltiness only occurs once a year.

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