Sunday, May 25, 2008

Salon du Arabe Chez Moi Avenue de la Roi la Albert, Mifflinville, Ohio

I've never really been a fan of the Monarchial system but having Experienced Belgium as I have over the years and though I now reside under Ohio skies what I find is that I rather miss the Monarchs of Belgium - their palaces and understated celebrity. HRH Paola and Albert as seen from this here corner of my new world from Albert Avenue, Mifflinville, Ohio, USA are a nostalgic memory for me. Indeed from these parts of Ghettoville where there is a loss of human dignity and civilization I begin to wonder if Monarchial role models such as the understated Belgian model aren't lacking in these parts. I miss seeing HRH The Queen Mother Fabiola (with that fab name and once upon a time and timeless chic-coif) being driven about old Bru-town - over-taking me as I rode a rickety Amstel Ludo bicycle past the town house palace. The accessibility of that Royal Family is what I miss. Hollywood or the English Royals just can't come down to that level - especially the QE II who must be stiffly re-upholstered every time she ventures out into her realm - set afloat across her subjects for the media to devour like a launching of some fantastic ocean liner. But the Belgian Royals are just people like you and me and not neccessarily such Vampires as their across the channel mis-behaving cousins or far away Hollywood cardboards princes and princess. I still maintain keeping Monarchs is akin to having the First Family on Welfare there to take the biggest Welfare cheques first. It is just from this vantage point from a distant point on the globe in the social and human squallor of the civilized decay of Ghettoville and the lives trapped here it is very much aparant that there might be perhaps a very neccessary function of a Royal head of state. If only these Libertine Royals like their ancestors were still opening Hospitals and Schools and Refuge centers from poverty in addition to providing a human sense of identity. Well certainly the Cheney/Bush II Junta and their kin are not rolemodels given their apparant greed and lack of ethics and their taste for overtly lying. From here on Koning Albertlaan - Avenue de la Roi Albert from my modest herenhuisje or maison du maitre (really an old wooden bungalow) I find I miss Belgium in ways I could never have imagined. I miss the pedestrian and urban fabric of old Bru-town - I miss watching that old place re-transform into a bicycle and walking city. But from my rooms and my Arabesque and mod Muslim stlyed way of life next to little Moghadishu I rather like all the greenery and the big blue sky and I relish in the certainty of summer. The certainty of summer which is not a guarantee in the southern low lands of northern europe other wise known as my other home Belgium. God I miss you - Belgium and that fantastic complicated and contradictory Brussels. I miss your Moroccan Community and all the vivacious and enthusiastic North African Belgians mixing up race and places and culture and histories and languages in one big Maroc Rai mix/melange of a social symphony - from a strange old city with a 1000 year history of blurred boundaries and cultures from old Brusselse to Bruxelioses now with an Arabian/North African flare - Ancient Catholic relics and New Islamic Centerpieces replete with Flemish dialected Dutch speakers and French and English and Arabic speaking new Brusselaars/Bruxelois - long live the Brussels Ket of new and old and don't forget your fantastic micro-melting pot beats anything American.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Living in Filth

NPR was yammering on today about how the oil companies are seeing record profits despite high crude oil costs. Then they had the oil companies saying they want access to North American wildnerness areas so they can - what? - make even more profit - yep. Basically corporations like Shell (a shameless and self righteous Dutch company no less with a terrible history in Africa) is a proponent of accessing North American oil reserves beneath virgin ecosystems. Are Exxon/Valdez and all the rest any different? So basically we the people -consummerist or citizen - have no choice but to let the oil companies pummel North America for their own greedy self interests. But what does Canada or Mexico have to say about that? So we let these sinister Vampiric corporations who control most every aspect of our tiny lives have access to regions and reserves with no nod towards conservativism? Should we allow these greedy oil companies access without any hassles just so we can hope (and only hope) for lower gas prices. Yeh, right like that would happen - gas prices go down - ha ha ha. The thing is I don't even like driving and despise the fact that North American "cities" have been unmade the last few (6 ir 7) decades to make everyone dependent on the auto industry and oil corporations. There is no pedestrian urban fabric anywhere affordable for the poor and the waistlines across America prove it.

Meanwhile I live in filth and working poor poverty.

Last night I watched V For Vendetta - did anyone see this movie? I was shocked and astonished and delighted and am even more depressed at our reality after learning a thing or two from this film. I still can't help but think Osama bin Hidin' will somehow go down in history a liberator and rather American like in Paul Revere ways. Or at least I hope so - perhaps we need a bearded and elusive super hero. Ironic that a conservative Wahabi Saudi type shall probably become the liberator of the West from the clenched fist grips of Capitalism Unbound. But the truth is Bin Hidin' is quite a hero for alot of us men who have no hope of making a difference (for good or bad) in this global Matrix of control we are trapped in.

Everytime gas prices go up because of oil company greed - food prices and everything else in turn go up - and since my pay check doesn't it is as if my wages keep going down. My electric bill is 180 dollars (but how is that possible? - I don't even have an air-condition), I just paid up about 400 dollars in late heating bills, my internet bill is 60 dollars (how that is so I don't know). I owe 600 dollars in property tax for this Ghetto dump. My house is a wreck - post rat, cockroach and termite infestation (the carcasses strewn about prove this). I hoped to get the place winterized before next winter but won't have the money for that this year or next. My furnace looks like something discarded from Auschwitz and my hot water tank is an electrical plumbing accident waiting to happen. I have no home owners insurance because I have no credit history. I have a wood frame home with no insulation and single glazed windows all with rotting wood frames. Two windows have lost their window frames entirely and one is temporarily fixed in plastic the other in wire screen. I survived the winter of '08 as such with the help of discarded cardboad. There are more holes in the perimeter of this house than I care to admit that I can see out of all around the place - holes that are officially not intended to be windows... Plus I am just plain tired, very, very, tired. Exhausted and I am just waiting on people wealthier than me to get a clue. No trickle down theory reached Ghettoville, USA the capital of Nowhere, Ohio. There is no summer road trip to look forward to. I'm not going to bother with the ingrates who run the airlines and airports and checkpoints.

Meanwhile once again the guys from Homeland Security want to dispose of me for blogging and my privileged decade abroad.

I could be easily shot dead in a fake drive by shooting if my blogging is so dangerous. I could be picked off easily and no one would know much less care - because ultimately I don't matter. But when your prison system is privatized then people need pinched and thrown into jail to get money from the state. Though I have done nothing wrong except think and write and self publish (and I am delighted by paperless self publishing - woo hoo - my only thrill in life - yipee) I am once again in 1984 ways going to be interviewed by some friendly form of fascism for my BLOG here on BLOGGER and for my Blogger Profile. Wether it's Experiencing Belgium or GhettovilleUSA I am suspect. For what? Stay tuned and please send me donations for my ACLU lawyer I am going to need any day. Or I just might beat the system and hang myself in my nifty garage - or who knows maybe some branch of Homeland Security will in secret do it for me and save me the trouble. We live in times even prophetic Benjamin Franklin had no idea that it would be this bad. Meanwhile everyone is asleep in front of their TV being told what to think.

My personal epigrams of the day:

Give me money or give me death.

Brain drained Ohio should pay people like me taxes to keep me living here.

Freedom and Liberty in the US run only as far as ones wallet is deep.

Freedom is not defined by ones ability to get a loan.

There is no "war" going on in Iraq it is a shameless carnage brought about by ruthless Romanizing Marionette crusading Americans to further the notion that all Arabs are one and the same and all bad and that Israel the puppet master (purse) string puller is good and benevolent.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time Travelling with the Chosen
Late night in Ghettoville - it's pouring rain. Watched the film version of the Chaim Potok novel The Chosen - Back in my not knowing any better pro-Israel days I was mesmerized by this film. Found a first edition hardcover and began a life long romance with books as a result. Back then I was astonished by the Hasidim in the film being portrayed as not being "for" the state of Israel. I think this more than anything taught me to question what I was told in the "news". I know this is the sixtieth anniversary of the Naqba but somehow this personal bit of time travelling with the Chosen via DVD seemed appropriate given all my ranting in this here Blog. Again I feel compelled to say the problem isn't Judaism, Christianity or Islam - the problem for Palestine is Zionism.
Shortly before I left Brussels I met a man in the train station - a very tall and handsome Hasidic fellow - I greeted him with Shalom and asked to shake his hand. I liked this man alot - his quiet calm and intense eyes. He was travelling with a fellow from Cleveland, Ohio.
Now I speak a bit of Arabic - but religious men with beards and akward anachronistic clothes need to be reconsidered - wether Jewish, Orthodox Christian or Muslim.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High-biscus in Ghettoville

Just a hibiscus plant from a lawn and garden center from one of those big corporate chain stores that is essentially an aluminum and cement block shed of a store. The kind of corporate store that gets corporate welfare while putting local municipal tax paying independents out of business. This hibiscus is hot! As in stolen which is as it should be since those corporate mart (K or W it doesn't matter) have been stealing from our communities with out even getting their greedy hands slapped by our local and regional "governance".
How US architecture evolved from a utilitarian militaresque Quonson hut to block like aluminum and cement shed like buildings set back behind acres of tarmac without human dignity is beyond me. Seeing churches being built in this same manner is just plain disgraceful to the communities that get to host them. Architectually this is a cheap debtor nation with no taste and no sense of national self respect beyond knee jerking media soundbyte pro-war patriotism/nationalism. If only people would learn to look they would see what truths are being told in how we build the world we inhabit.
Or maybe we should re-read Plato's Republic and concentrate on part 7 of that piece of literature of old.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Myanmar In Your Hours of Distress: Don't Allow the US to be your unwanted Trojan Horse

...Isn't it a bit rich and fundamentally hypocritical of the Marionette puppet Bush II and his Puppet Master Cheney to spout off to the Government of Myanmar to let the US step in and help solve the Myanmar Act of God disaster? This is the administration that wontonly ignored New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf coast and let FEMA out to pasture in a mandate of ignoring domestic destruction and suffering. My advice to the people and Government of Myanmar is don't be deceived by the Bush II seemingly generous offering of help. For certain is it some unwanted Trojan horse. There are more capable, dignified and more honest wealthy nations around the world to make up for the current loss of the US being able to help at this time. The Bush II administration owes New Orleans and the whole of the Gulf Coast Katrina Hurricane carnage an apology in the form of definate reconstruction and financial reimbursement due to their hypocritical cruel policy of neglect and denial.

Impeach the AIPAC Network so We The People can Impeach Cheney and Bush

Woke up wanting to see the Cheney Bush II administration go down in history with their miserable foreign and domestic policy records as much a part of their names as their crimes against humanity and this very country to say nothing of Iraq. I just don't want to see Cheney and Bush II enter into a post-Presidential history without having gotten the truth out about what they did with their time in office. Then I realized that wouldn't happen until the AIPAC released its clenched fist grip on the US political structure. So now I am calling for the AIPAC lobby network and media matrix to be disolved, dismantled, destructured, banned and impeached for it's unAmerican grip of control on US political representation. Once the AIPAC is Impeached then Cheney and Bush et al will most certainly be IMPEACHED and shooed out of office before 1-20-09. If only America would wake up and not let these hench-men go down in a fake and white washed history. Those horse men of the Apocalpse didn't earn themselves a dignified place in history nor should we the people allow them that.

Monday, May 5, 2008

G-ville Maison de Maitre Interior Views

Just some random interior photos chez moi to post for this here Cinco di Mayo from Ghettoville.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Various G-ville photos for Cinco di Mayo

Just a Random assortment of images from chez moi de la Avenue Albert de la Roi Belgique on the day before Cinco di Mayo Mexico's Independence Day.

Composting in Ghettoville Ru$ty Churchill's literal Black Dog (a metaphor for Depression). Rusty/Rustique has a very long string of names Dauber Rusty Paws Pooky Poockx Churchill Crouch

A real REEL mower from People Power Machines dot com - it might look and feel like a Fisher-Price toy but it is a mad grass cutter for sure! Also visible Rusty's proud black tail.
A wooden screen door just added to the maison.
A ten dollar Craigs List bicycle to fight gas-o-flation prices and food-o-flation prices... Does any wonder like I do that maybe we are in an Economic DEPRESSION for which there is no Prozac except a Presidential and VP impeachment.

Rusty Paws

That Car! spotted on the old 3C highway on my way to work!!!! Almost as cool as Pakistani buses from Karachi!

An outdoor cacti that grows on an Ohio latitude that survives winter somehow....

So I've been contacted by Homeland (in)/Security for my Blogger Profile and my Blogger "Blogette" and for my travels to Arabia and other Islamic lands. Did any one see the Matrix Brothers movie V is For Vendetta? I liked its subtitle that basically said the people shouldn't be afraid of their governments but the governments should be afraid of The People. As in We the People.
Regarding getting a friendly Fascism form of a coffeehouse meeting "interrogation" or Inquisition all I can say is to quote some forgotten President by the name of Madison - "If tyranny and oppression come to this country it will happen in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy" - Rather Prophetic I'd say.
For the record - Although I eat meat I don't much like hurting another life form to do so and I'd rather be not just vegetarian but vegan. Given my need to answer to homeland security for my blogette and especially my Blogger profile I will say - like Bart Simpson writing on the chaulk board in school on the Simpsons intro... (for the record)