Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time Travelling with the Chosen
Late night in Ghettoville - it's pouring rain. Watched the film version of the Chaim Potok novel The Chosen - Back in my not knowing any better pro-Israel days I was mesmerized by this film. Found a first edition hardcover and began a life long romance with books as a result. Back then I was astonished by the Hasidim in the film being portrayed as not being "for" the state of Israel. I think this more than anything taught me to question what I was told in the "news". I know this is the sixtieth anniversary of the Naqba but somehow this personal bit of time travelling with the Chosen via DVD seemed appropriate given all my ranting in this here Blog. Again I feel compelled to say the problem isn't Judaism, Christianity or Islam - the problem for Palestine is Zionism.
Shortly before I left Brussels I met a man in the train station - a very tall and handsome Hasidic fellow - I greeted him with Shalom and asked to shake his hand. I liked this man alot - his quiet calm and intense eyes. He was travelling with a fellow from Cleveland, Ohio.
Now I speak a bit of Arabic - but religious men with beards and akward anachronistic clothes need to be reconsidered - wether Jewish, Orthodox Christian or Muslim.

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