Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High-biscus in Ghettoville

Just a hibiscus plant from a lawn and garden center from one of those big corporate chain stores that is essentially an aluminum and cement block shed of a store. The kind of corporate store that gets corporate welfare while putting local municipal tax paying independents out of business. This hibiscus is hot! As in stolen which is as it should be since those corporate mart (K or W it doesn't matter) have been stealing from our communities with out even getting their greedy hands slapped by our local and regional "governance".
How US architecture evolved from a utilitarian militaresque Quonson hut to block like aluminum and cement shed like buildings set back behind acres of tarmac without human dignity is beyond me. Seeing churches being built in this same manner is just plain disgraceful to the communities that get to host them. Architectually this is a cheap debtor nation with no taste and no sense of national self respect beyond knee jerking media soundbyte pro-war patriotism/nationalism. If only people would learn to look they would see what truths are being told in how we build the world we inhabit.
Or maybe we should re-read Plato's Republic and concentrate on part 7 of that piece of literature of old.

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