Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Living in Filth

NPR was yammering on today about how the oil companies are seeing record profits despite high crude oil costs. Then they had the oil companies saying they want access to North American wildnerness areas so they can - what? - make even more profit - yep. Basically corporations like Shell (a shameless and self righteous Dutch company no less with a terrible history in Africa) is a proponent of accessing North American oil reserves beneath virgin ecosystems. Are Exxon/Valdez and all the rest any different? So basically we the people -consummerist or citizen - have no choice but to let the oil companies pummel North America for their own greedy self interests. But what does Canada or Mexico have to say about that? So we let these sinister Vampiric corporations who control most every aspect of our tiny lives have access to regions and reserves with no nod towards conservativism? Should we allow these greedy oil companies access without any hassles just so we can hope (and only hope) for lower gas prices. Yeh, right like that would happen - gas prices go down - ha ha ha. The thing is I don't even like driving and despise the fact that North American "cities" have been unmade the last few (6 ir 7) decades to make everyone dependent on the auto industry and oil corporations. There is no pedestrian urban fabric anywhere affordable for the poor and the waistlines across America prove it.

Meanwhile I live in filth and working poor poverty.

Last night I watched V For Vendetta - did anyone see this movie? I was shocked and astonished and delighted and am even more depressed at our reality after learning a thing or two from this film. I still can't help but think Osama bin Hidin' will somehow go down in history a liberator and rather American like in Paul Revere ways. Or at least I hope so - perhaps we need a bearded and elusive super hero. Ironic that a conservative Wahabi Saudi type shall probably become the liberator of the West from the clenched fist grips of Capitalism Unbound. But the truth is Bin Hidin' is quite a hero for alot of us men who have no hope of making a difference (for good or bad) in this global Matrix of control we are trapped in.

Everytime gas prices go up because of oil company greed - food prices and everything else in turn go up - and since my pay check doesn't it is as if my wages keep going down. My electric bill is 180 dollars (but how is that possible? - I don't even have an air-condition), I just paid up about 400 dollars in late heating bills, my internet bill is 60 dollars (how that is so I don't know). I owe 600 dollars in property tax for this Ghetto dump. My house is a wreck - post rat, cockroach and termite infestation (the carcasses strewn about prove this). I hoped to get the place winterized before next winter but won't have the money for that this year or next. My furnace looks like something discarded from Auschwitz and my hot water tank is an electrical plumbing accident waiting to happen. I have no home owners insurance because I have no credit history. I have a wood frame home with no insulation and single glazed windows all with rotting wood frames. Two windows have lost their window frames entirely and one is temporarily fixed in plastic the other in wire screen. I survived the winter of '08 as such with the help of discarded cardboad. There are more holes in the perimeter of this house than I care to admit that I can see out of all around the place - holes that are officially not intended to be windows... Plus I am just plain tired, very, very, tired. Exhausted and I am just waiting on people wealthier than me to get a clue. No trickle down theory reached Ghettoville, USA the capital of Nowhere, Ohio. There is no summer road trip to look forward to. I'm not going to bother with the ingrates who run the airlines and airports and checkpoints.

Meanwhile once again the guys from Homeland Security want to dispose of me for blogging and my privileged decade abroad.

I could be easily shot dead in a fake drive by shooting if my blogging is so dangerous. I could be picked off easily and no one would know much less care - because ultimately I don't matter. But when your prison system is privatized then people need pinched and thrown into jail to get money from the state. Though I have done nothing wrong except think and write and self publish (and I am delighted by paperless self publishing - woo hoo - my only thrill in life - yipee) I am once again in 1984 ways going to be interviewed by some friendly form of fascism for my BLOG here on BLOGGER and for my Blogger Profile. Wether it's Experiencing Belgium or GhettovilleUSA I am suspect. For what? Stay tuned and please send me donations for my ACLU lawyer I am going to need any day. Or I just might beat the system and hang myself in my nifty garage - or who knows maybe some branch of Homeland Security will in secret do it for me and save me the trouble. We live in times even prophetic Benjamin Franklin had no idea that it would be this bad. Meanwhile everyone is asleep in front of their TV being told what to think.

My personal epigrams of the day:

Give me money or give me death.

Brain drained Ohio should pay people like me taxes to keep me living here.

Freedom and Liberty in the US run only as far as ones wallet is deep.

Freedom is not defined by ones ability to get a loan.

There is no "war" going on in Iraq it is a shameless carnage brought about by ruthless Romanizing Marionette crusading Americans to further the notion that all Arabs are one and the same and all bad and that Israel the puppet master (purse) string puller is good and benevolent.

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