Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At 50 Is Cuba Showing Her Age?

The headline within my Gmail - email program read "At 50 Cuba is showing its age"...
The thing is how do you agree when your vantage point to that headline is G-ville, Ohio in the last dark days of the Bush II Era. With every governmental institution in these United States in a bankrupt crisis mode, Cuba is looking like a ravishing debutante compared to this two centuries plus aging free market economic government over here.
At least Cuba has a bed in a hospital for anyone in Cuba who needs one - And if Cuba doesn't have the medicine for her patients then we know George Bush's Uncle Sam is to blame because of that idiotic embargo. But try getting a hospital bed if you are sick in the US and you don't have health care - try getting your prescription drugs for that matter. Dentures? Optical care? Financial assistance or just plain guidance. How about housing... Cuba has housing - does it have a homeless problem? Is Cuba rife with vacant boarded up dilapidated house while people in poverty have to make due on the street? In the cold and damp of winter?
Technically I am not a Communist - but that is only because I have zero idea on how to convert. Is there really such thing as the American Communist Party? If so, how do I join? I would proudly be a card carrying member of the American Communist Party! I would go one better I'd put ACP bumper stickers on the back of my car if only I could find their central Ohio head quarters and pick up some artistic Communistic propaganda.
Right now Castro's Communist Experiment 90 miles south of Key West is looking mighty inviting. Will Cuba accept citizens from the United States who on make shift rafts try to sail from Key West in search of a better Island life? Compared to the United States Capitalist Experiment I am ready to convert to Cubanism! God Bless Castro - at least Cuba's government isn't run by a throne that will only hold someone for a few years at a time before ejecting them out Jack-in-the-Box style. At least the Cuban government during decades long economic crisis caused not by Communism but by the United States Government that affected the Cuban masses - well Cuba isn't trying to bail out the economic henchmen who caused the catastrophe in the first place - like we here in the US are.
At least the Cubans aren't - while their people are sick and without health care - homeless without a housing program - stuck in traffic without a viable public transit system - I mean when all of that is going down the tubes in the US - at the least the Cuban government isn't trying to save the Capitalist henchmen who are profiteering off corporate greed. I mean how shameless is it that the media here is obsessed and I mean obsessed by bailing out the Big Three Automakers and Wall Street while Ghettoville, America is dealing with foreclosures, health crisis, food shortages in their home...
In the United States here in Ghettoville, America we are in a Depression - say it - D_E_P_R_E_S_S_I_O_N - say it! Say it again. DEPRESSION! We here in the land of the free are in a DEPRESSION - say it I say. And though Israel is bombing what is left of Palestine to smithereens and back the media in the US is focusing on other "issues"... Not on the Depression - not on the housing crisis, not on the health care crisis, not on the fact that food is fast becoming unaffordable.... The media won't say this is a Depression even though Ghettoville has been in a Depression since before the Clinton Administrations. The US media will not adequately or accurately (especially the New York Times) report on the plight of Palestinians trapped by Israel's shoddy final solution.
God Bless Cuba and may the United States look south for some solutions to our own problems in 2009 without self righteous hypocrisy.
Way to go George Fucking "W" Bush and your Dick Cheney before he dicks you George Bush I administration for turning me and all of Ghettoville, America into Kalashnikov carrying, goose stepping, American Communist Party members - That was really Republican fucking brilliant conservative economic strategic of you all. Now GET GW BUSH II THE FUCK OUT OF DC - We The Communist Peoples of America cannot wait until One Twenty Oh Nine.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Universal Health Care?

So here is your G-Ville author at his blogette command center. MoveOn dot Org is calling for photo submissions with a placard with your personal Barack Era Issue. I don't have a printer so this is my mode du jour to MoveOn's request. The thing I don't know about Universal Health care - or - Galactic Health care much less Planetary Health care. How about National Health care? ...maybe Capitalism is the disease. Health care for the United States hmmm's long overdue and I'm tired of all the greed based excuses. Health care pinned to employment is just plain wrong as is Health care based on Nationality. Health care doesn't make economic sense period. That said this nations doctors have become complicit with the morality and ethics of this country's greed based Lawyers and Law Firms. Shame on US.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreaming Of A Warm January Day in '09 Round about the Twentieth

From here in G-ville I sit writing with cold hands and feet. I'm remembering a classic nineteen eighties song titled "Life in a Northern Town" by the Dream Academy. One line from the lyrics goes "...In winter 1963, it felt like the world would freeze, with John F. Kennedy and the Beatles..." Back then over there in those Isles off of Europe that was a year with a real harsh and snowy winter. The Kennedy assassination played out that gruesome November and the Beatles began that long and winding road to bore us. But here now in these post - Twentieth Century times in G-ville I'm dreaming of the Bush II family and administration loosing their jobs ahead of schedule and getting evicted because of a faulty mortgage on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At least that would all be way more relevant to the realities of most voters.

Perhaps on 01/20/09 the White House can appear a bit different - Instead of a radical paint job in some fab color how about that infamous White House being bathed along with Capitol Hill - another White building - or another historically Whites only building... How about on this day which I am dreaming of from here in G-ville - those buildings are bathed in a color of lights. Like those old aluminum Xmas trees that had a color wheel spot light shown on them from across the floor - that color wheel spotlight would change the color of the aluminum silver foil tree to green, then pink, then gold, then blue on a slow glittering rotation. At least for Barack's first day can the White House not be only white? Or probably regrettably it will be some laser light cosmic electronic showdown in every color of the rainbow done way over the top. Maybe I am just nostalgic but a few strings of C-9 light bulbs of various colors would be a treat. OK, whatever, but as long as the White House's white facade becomes at the least a blank canvass for some illuminating electronic color. I guess calling it the Rainbow House is a bit much.... Likewise it probably won't be lit up in pink or rose colored lights for all those little pink houses in the American collective dreams but maybe it should. How about Turqoise Blue and Turqoise Green from those enameled American C-9 light bulbs which is at least how they appear radiant once the electric is switched on...

It's just a thought. A cold dream from a depressing G-ville Monday afternoon. A spot light on an architectural building of and for the people for once seen and depicted in some other color and colors. But do we really have to wait until late January 2009? Can't the Bush II regime be packed up and shooed back to Texas early in advance and in time for an Obama Xmas Special? Can't we just give over the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave early for Barack Obama and the new fab First Lady and First Family to be at home for Christmas in the white house under the lights of many colors.

If we can't fire the redundant Bush II administration - can't we just shoo them on their greedy way and out of our "we the Peoples" way to stop this winter of misery now ahead of schedule. God knows the Bush II administration deserved to be fired and do not deserve to go down in a white washed history. They're not going to be hung on some yellow ribboned Oak tree with some good Kentucky hemp rope for crimes against humanity so can't they just be sent back to some of their many other homes and ejected from our job and home of Democracy ahead of schedule and in some indirect historical shame they deserve?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cold December 08 Ohio Facts Dreaming of an American Communist Party Summer To Rescue Us

It's not like I am uniformed of the Socialist and Communist drawbacks - it is just in these present economic dark ages - in this cold and cold hearted winter - with the infrastructure of this dilapitated state of Ohio falling to bits around us - it is just - things got bad enough here that a Communist and/or Socialist solution would at this point in the social malaise and suffering be a step up into better times for many people trapped under the mess of wealthier peoples greed. And to think most wealthier Americans consider themselves Christian but see no need for Christian charity on a personal or state level despite the undeniable need of large portions of the population. Christian self righteousness when comfortable tends to blame those burnt by Capitalisms crushing blows from the consequences of personal greed. God Bless America. Yeah, Right. Way to go Ohio...... So goes Ohio so goes the nation. Well for alot of Ohioans we are at the bottom of a forgotten and frozen over toilet bowl.
A Motorola self portrait of yours truely from a 21st century entry into the forgotten poor little richards almanack....
Matt Matthew Mathieu Mustafa Moustapha Krautsch Crouch
Just call me Comrad or Mustafa please.
Eagarly awaiting the coming Revolution of Everyday Life.

Pictures Of The Day From Here In Ghettovillle Dreaming Of The American Communist Party Rescuing Us From These Cold Hearted Economic Times

Just another view from what should be a nature preserve called the Linden Air Woods. If the economy bounces back this inadvertent nature preserve will become another paved over parkinglot for cars and ticky tacky American houses...
The Linden Air Meadow that connects up to the ravines and streams that find their way to the Alum Creek waterway.

Farewell Angel - cast off sent to the pound because her owners couldn't afford dog food. The sign of the times are the discarded pets people are shedding themselves of in their personal economic turnmoil. Shame on you and your do nothing Bush II era Administration - at least set up a fun for all these mis-fit toys and people would you BEFORE One Twenty Oh Nine. Angel you are missed - sniff... I don't want to think about her being put down. She is/was a good if not neglected dog. At least in the mean time she is warm which is more than I can say for myself.

Where is the pound for people with no where to go in this climate?

Evicted! The New United Soviet States of America - Rescue Us This Winter PLEASE!

Right now from where I am writing in Ghettoville, Central Ohio it over cast it is 27 Fahrenheit degrees (or -2.777 Celsius degrees) and snowing - the roads are not suitable for safe driving or walking.

Pictured here is my friend Ben being EVICTED in time for Christmas by Sheriff Kearns office in Columbus, Ohio. Ironically our Merry making Christmas head Elf, Sheriff Kearns, who is endorsed by the Democratic Party of Ohio will be rendering Ben homeless in time for Christmas - way to go Ohio!

Ben and I both voted for the Democratically approved Sheriff Kearns. Ben is renting the first floor of a grandly proportioned forgotten old University District house along side the railroad and fairgrounds just east of the Ohio State University district. It is a house with heavy woodwork that has never in all these years been painted and despite all the seasons of students renting those rooms the house is still as solid as ever.

Ben is not behind on his rent but his landlord who owns over 200 properties is behind on their Mortgage Payments. This is a trans-National problem that isn't getting much press. Ironically Al Jazeera in English ran a story today on satellite TV on another such scenario in Indianapolis, Indiana - one state West of here - that is precisely what Ben is caught up in.

This is the same economic malaise that no one in political power knows what to do with. Rental class people aren't really land owners so they aren't really real Citizens and have very little rights in this present Corporate-O-cracy. Ben's landlord has repeatedly lied to Ben in exchange for rent payments over the situation of the mortgage. Sheriff Kearns office of Christmas Elves though helpful and sympathetic still intend to carry out a harsh penalty on Ben rather than his mortgage defaulting landlord. Merry Christmas from Ohio - way to go.... you got it O_H_I_O
Sing it Chrissy Hynde wherever you are.....
Clearly no-one in the US with power and economic understanding are willing to put themselves in the shoes of US citizens like Ben who are renting from deadbeat ......landlords. Perhaps it is time renters start performing credit checks on their prospective landlords before signing off on a rental contract.

Perhaps the Democrat or Socialist or Communist parties in America will offer up their solutions. Perhaps Christian Conservative will fund raise and speak in tongues over this and pray about it - meanwhile - rental class economic strugglers will continue to get thrown out in the middle of winter under the eye of a merciless God and Society.

God knows the Republicans thrive on this sort of suffering. Shame on you - you know who you are. Once again though already this early on Democrats are proving to be silent complicit partners with the Republicans who created this mess. They are both after all two side of the same useless US currency in these Soviet styled Ruble economic times. But in a two party system what choice do you have? The cold hard facts of the US is that the Republicans and Democrats are in a very well to do bed together - and they are cozy and warm in their self serving relationship.

My vote, next voting time around, will go toward the American Communist Party because someone with a conscience for - "we the working poor and unemployable people" - has a lot of cleaning up to do.

At what point exactly did the United States become such a foreign country for its own real but not well off people? After buying so much junk via McWal-Marters of Made in China American products do we the people live in such a foreign country where a United Soviets States of America might be the best way out of this social misery and injustice.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tired of Waiting for One Twenty Oh Nine?

It is cold and damp and rainy - Ohio has the climate of a forgotten family cemetery. If I am going to be confined to a cemetery I'd rather it be in the dusty cremains of a desert than this putrid place. Gas prices here are below in some places 1.60 US$ a Gallon (still not Metric - yet! coz weez ameerigunz an i-litter-irate)

.....To escape the Ohio pollution, damp, mold and mildew smells that makes me want a road trip until I think about what a dark rather miserable time of year it is for North America in November. I would have gone on a road trip this year late summer or early autumn but Exxon and the Bush II Administration had other plans in other places which is not all what the Grande Olde Par-tay really is all about. At all... and most Republicans today don't even know that which isn't very Republican of them - just ask those two hillbillies out of Wasilla who went on a Neiman Marcus spending spree recently - they wouldn't know either.

....(Speaking of which I was always obsessed by her hands - almost as much as she was - those beauty pageant claws - which she would never expose as all ball jointed and curled up arthritic and veiny - so she always had these odd hand gestures going on quite independent of whatever non-sense was coming out of her tele-prompted mouth. (you know just to keep her hands and fingers looking straight so she'd appear younger - a woman's age as you know is clearly exposed on the back of her hands - Like a mans age is revealed in his beard - which is why vain Westerners are obsessed by being clean shaven. It's the type of thing cheerleader - Drop Dead Gorgeous or the Hairspray pink elbowed beauty contestants worry about in photo ops - is the Vaseline still on my teeth? ...are my hands and fingers straight and not curled up? ...feet together, no static cling - hate that on camera and could someone please refresh my Aqua Net stat! I love making fun of her so much I almost voted for her to be the new national punching bag-hag.

I am devising a scheme to rejuvenate this country in six months - just sue the Bush Administration - Cheney and the Haliburtons and the like - and make Exxon and Marathon provide private health care for all Americans and those even just passing through - the way European North Western Medicine and Health care works on a national government level instead ours will be corporate-o-cratic-automatic. Companies like those record (ree-cord not re-cord) massive profits by the second. They can continue to do so - even - tax free - but they will have to provide First World Health care, Housing and Education to anyone who needs it out of Patriotic obligation to the Nation that bred such a corporate-entity at such great national social expense. Plus they will have to begin a public works project nationally to restore pedestrian infrastructure to all US cities where it was removed to benefit the Auto Industries greedy desire to make us all dependent on cars and auto ways. Waistlines will return and chronic illnesses will subside and the Prozac generations will be no more. And they must provide real education - not this quasi religious crapolla that has swept the school hallways since Reagan - And I mean Education - no more phenomenal student loans to get through the University to curse you into poverty when you start a job until retirement if you stay healthy - but the school entrance (and exit) exams are murder of course - so no more faux educated Bush II types can get an education that they can't really absorb - less waste. Perhaps just the threat of obligation to The Vampiric Corporations like Exxon et al's human responsibility will be enough for them to stop stonewalling Democratic measures to make these basic first world standards available to all Americans for the first time in their wealthy assed history.

My biggest gripe about this whole two party national self abuse system is that these Fake Republicans cause so much damage in a very short time - that when the Democrats get their turn - they can only push the mop around all that bloody decay and never have the chance - in 40 some years of actually building any of the great notions that are inherently interesting about the Democratic ideologies (notions which invariable self corrupt because greed runs through human veins not blood). We haven't seen in my life time what the Democrats can do that is good. but then neither have we seen what the Republican can do that is good. Anyone here remember WWII era Republicans who didn't want to get caught up in European linguistic and racial quagmires who would have scoffed at present day Middle Eastern sentimental ones? So we need a revolution to chuck out this system. Bring in a Castro type - Singapore is a successful Dictatorship - the Republican/Corporate-o-cracy is an unsuccessful economic Dictatorship - and they never really step aside when they aren't in office - see the Ken Starr Clinton Character Assassination years if you don't believe me. Ask a dead Kennedy man in a seance. So this is why I am anti-American - this model - this experiment - doesn't work - it is a self loathing sort of game of unhappiness with no results except for warmongering. Would some please stand up and say so.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random images

Someone fearlessly unafraid of color. The Purple facade along the alley behind Summit and Hudson.

A nine eleven refuge camp tapestry tribute - once a controversial e-bay item - now worthy of rethinking and reconsidering.
Some US state department Mosques of America calendar for 2009 -- highly collectible -- extremely hard to get a copy of. Not available for the taxpaying masses - I sure do want one but gave up on trying.

Benoit, Bender, Ben, BJ, Bendahar - many names - many guises but from the same great men of Walt Whitmans civil war era soul reincarnated for these post 20th century times - lost like the rest of us in the retail snake pits of America and their unnatural geography of parkinglots to nowhere. Some say Ben fell off the cover of a 1950 or 60's male physique pictoral from the days of sidewalk newsstands - back when most towns and villages had a pedestrian infrastructure. I say souls like Benoit were the stuff that inspired Leaves of Grass to not just be written but published in more free-thinking times than today.
Ben is hard working - destitute - working poor - devoted animal lover for discarded house pets much like himself - a local hero for homeless cats and dogs around OSU. Guys like Ben deserve a tax exempt status until this country can resolve its working poor control matrix/3rd world inducing shock doctrin-ette economic dilemma. Bens landlord defaulted on his buildings mortgage and you think Ben has money for a new rental deposit - utility changeovers and a rental moving vehicle - and in this wintery temperature.
Ben is just another all too human non-Joe variety example - like the rest of us - of the idea of United States American - too bad this country is over-run with economic and political Vampires who are ruthlessly feeding on lives such as Bens - draining guys like Ben to exhaustion - for nothing more than greed. Shame on you America - Shame on you and your Big first world Exxon economy creating third world domestic nightmares for most Americans (South, Central and Northern).
We still demand all the money you Exxon political types stole from our impoverished lives in the last 24 months with gasoline inflation prices. Let the economic Vampires drain humanity to death and extinction so they can then just feed on themselves.
I wanted to read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine after seeing the book product placed with the character Tara in True Blood; couldn't find a word about how all that Naomi Klein writes of all applies to the example of the Shock Doctrine idea playing out in Gaza and the West Bank fragments of a once beautiful and multicultural Palestine.
It has been said that the Palestinians will not be freed from the Vampire clutch Israel has on them until the Americans are freed from the Vampire clutch that the international Zionist economic cartell has on us here in the US: Well, that won't be happening in time for that miserable concrete wall around Bethlehem to be torn down by Christmas this year.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Let Healthcare In This Country Make You Sick

The following essay is about my recent experience with a central Ohio Doctor who astonished me with her extraordinary determination to listen and help me rather than inflict her profession on me - as most doctors do in the shortest amount of time possible for the greatest amount of money possible.

Dr Elarossi is actually located quite far from where I now reside yet I prefer the drive because she is quite possibly the best doctor I have known in North America. After living overseas in a country with actual healthcare I became used to affordable doctors who spent as much time as possible with me the patient neccessary to see me get well.

The US healthcare system is designed to keep people coming back which is an inherent flaw of the for profit US healthcare model. People in the US deserve better and Dr Elarossi knows this. It is my opinion Dr Elarossi is doing her part with what she can within our current healthcare crisis of greed to continue the art of practicing medicine ethically for those who seek her out for help.

I found my way to Dr Elarossi quite by chance and now refer everyone I know in need of an alternative to the current healthcare crisis of disregard and neglect to her. We here in central Ohio are extremely fortunate to have her here working on our behalf. Dr Elarossi has a patient and impeccible bedside manner steeped in modesty; her communication is based solely on a pragmatic devotion to science and the art of medicine not business. She spent a great deal more time in counsel and consideration with me during my appointment which is unheard of in the states now for sadly way too many decades. To her credit Dr Elarossi doesn't treat my condition as a single issue but treats my body as a whole state of being with a body, mind, soul and spirit ethic. For all this Dr Elarossi deserves in my opinion an award and recognition for her unique approach to medicine despite being locked into a medical economic structure that unfortunately creates a control structure of chronic treatment for dis-ease.

There was once a time in the United States where individuals with the caliber of character that Dr Elarossi has were sought after - maybe not in the recent last century but certainly in the one previous to that - Citizens who stood up against the grain of a seemingly insurmountable sinister force because of their own personal convictions and determination to do what was right for other people without a voice - these were the people public monuments by local artists were erected on behalf of a community to tell their story of achievements. If this were a more gracious time then there would be some sort of monuments being considered for good people like Dr Elarossi.

These days, however, the only monuments being erected are by corporations for themselves or their accomplices who work on a corporations behalf and not for the voiceles humane level of life. One need only listen to National Public Radio to listen to the long litany of shameless self promoting "generous" corporations and individuals who wish to slightly benefit society only after they have greatly benefited themselves.

God Bless Dr Elarossi - if only there were more doctors this forthright in their persuit of the Art of Medicine then this country would be that much more a healthier, ethically, and morally compassionate place for all Americans and our guests.

If you think this is all too good to be true then check out Dr Elarossi for yourself. There are lots of good and excellent Dr's out there but few who are capable or willing to stave off the beast of capitalism from devouring good doctors patients from our current merciless healthcare system that rewards the rich and healthy and punishes the poor and sickly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Yesterdays Hope Tomorrows Salvation

This image was from yesterday November 2...

Hope and Salvation oddly playing out on the State House steps and lawn in Columbus, Ohio. Last time I was there I got stoned with some state attorney type. But that was years ago.

Today, in another "bury my heart at wounded knee Indian summers day" gathering trapped in the cold air of the shadow of those sinister Reagan era mirrored facades; on a lawn that once looked unobstructed with boundless optimism to the wide open West. A lawn once designed to be a staging ground for Ohio democracy in the open air to play itself out in - now out of all proportion and reason with that claustraphobic inducing real estate shiny walls looming overhead...

The nice thing about bad architecture (and bad governance) is how easily it can be demolished. However, this country is more famous for tearing down the good. From a backdrop of a sturdy domeless rotunda that belongs that way as a unique, suitable and timeless architectural reference summing up the lame state of Ohio - the original unlimited outdoor space of early 19th century urban planners would have held in its arms todays Democracy happening.

How it seems impossible that we have all waited for forty-five years for a promise of the dream of Democracy to be fullfilled - can it possibly have taken so long? Are we so over due? It's not very often the words of a politician raise the hairs on my forearm and yield a scatchy and difficult lump in the throat that is hard to swallow or speak with. I really didn't want the public humiliation of tears streaming down my face when it was over not that it would matter in such an annonymous and annoying crowd - but I remained a man with no falling tears - but it sure wasn't easy. Thanks, God, for Barack's sophisticated and polite sense of dignified humor mixed with rugged optimism for the difficult times ahead. I only wish I could have been closer but then, who there, then, didn't wish that no matter where they stood.

Bicycled there without food or water - stood for too long - but would do it all again! If only for another chance at a possible hand shake or at least eye contact with a man walking through history unfolding around him fueled by hope.

Independent local cafe's, diners, shops and newstands would have jumped on the opportunity to turn a buck with todays crowd - the chain stores just remained oblivious rendering themselves redundant in their pervasiveness in a downtown defined by parkinglots and bankers business hours.

Politicians inevitably will certainly always disappoint in the obligations of compromise that society and governance require - they are only human supposeably - (well - occassionally - sadly too few that is - of those inhuman politicians which Plato warned us about from his Republic) - caught up in the nasty human equation of politics - but some are better than others.

Even from those pop music performance outdoor ampitheater distances something palpable was present despite all the "inconito" agents strewn about.

Bought a 15 dollar T-shirt!!!! Yikes what was I thinking - of a Matrix the movie poster twist - "That One" with Barack as "the Neo - the oNe" that one...

Sometimes the unreality of lifes persistant or perhaps incessant illusion is brighter than the rest.

Friday, October 31, 2008

In Morteville Queen Carlotta still Reigns every Halloween

A bury my heart at wounded knee "Indian" summers day in Mifflinville.

I've been on the phone getting disappointed by cheesy Whirlpool reps of a used car lot lizard character of a civil servant disfunctionaire bleedy Mary over the two faulty appliances I bought... me going way beyond the call of duty on Whirlpools behalf to try to get them to take responsibility for their business, products and services - which they then like a beast of Belgian bureaucracy throw back on the sales company I bought the kitchen AIDS of a Whirlpool brand from (the very retailer who incidently tell me the problem is Whirlpools - and neither end of this shameful equation know I have expert experience with this sort of bureacratic misery bullshit from my time in a belgian purgatory of bureacracy! talk about a rock and hard place - my ass!)

so both the retailer and Whirlpool then blame me directly for being a naive consumer. Capitalism here for me post Belgium is shocking in how brazenly unsympathetic it has become - at least during the Clinton years business tried to put on a fake "customer is king" (or Klant is Koning as they say in Flanders) sort of pretense and if you were insistant would actually get you what you wanted to pay for - which in my case is a moot point since I comitted the naivity of paying for what should be a recalled item - assuming someone would do their job. Whirlpool and Appliance Smart are saying if you were stupid enough to buy their product then it's your own fault. Amazing actually - Me going about all this sort of detached and amused by this. I did naively buy Whirlpool products (scratch and dent) From that Satanic retailer (no not Lowes or Home De POT) but some do nothing sort of cheap virtueless sort of retailer called here Applaince Smart "Factory" Outlet - Appliance Stupid if you ask me a consumerist citizens report alert! avoid Whirlpool products from retailers like Appliance Smart! Be yea weary fellow consumer like avoid it like the plague of Europa's dark years...

...Because dear old RIP Veteran dad once was an electrical engineer who designed Whirlpool controls in his part of the post WWII domesticated military industrial complex via a local company that moved to the sticks called Ranco - where he worked his life away - which used to be located just south of Batelle Memorial Institute - where mom RIP once worked... once upon a time - this all seems like lame fiction now - except these were their lives - and had they not met at that fateful intersection of Avenues King and Neil perhpas I would not be. Which is where I seemingly fatefully met a stray Flemish sort of Belgian -- and if nothing else had a good round of love and compassion for too many years; along with the privilege to live abroad. The consequence of all that is now I am better equipped to understand this miserable land to my advantage. Not that I care.

But I miss the King Avenue Coffeehouse.

...can i just continue to abuse you dear reader unaware and write out some withdrawing from Effexor those pills from Satan herself frustrations on you...

plus i just want to suddenly - celebrate autumn and finally cry about things I haven't been able to on mood stabilizers... (for years now) ie Moms death, My Great C.S. Lewis Divorce and Dads death... etc.

I remember the day of the dead or dias de los muertos and, and, and
I got the balls to finally quit my job - did I tell you!? I couldn't take my L-word bossettes no mores who despite all my slacker and self absorbed appearances I never-the-less-always-the-more have extreme respect and gratitude for but my life and personal mythology show must go on in some other uncharted healthcareless direction with a fatal pre-existing condition. So now I shall InshAllah finish the house until Xmas and who knows... I gotta go baby sit my needy cat Tonka.

...before I go what do you know about Chrissy Hynds restaurant in Akron called something Subterreanean or Mediteranean or Terrarium oh yeh Vegeteranium - me thinks - tho I'm no sure about that. That place of Chrissy's should have been more appropriately called Hyndes is you ask me given the size of American behinds - well anyway it is supposed to open a loaction in C-town and NYC? Ms Hyndes Pretenders back to Ohio lyrics are sublime but disconcerting when you hear them in a song at say Home Depot. Her lyrics have wether I liked them or not been all to telling of my home and origin and like her I had the privilege to live elsewhere but still this place like some miserable rats glue trap pulls one back I say. Glad to see it's had the same effect of such a anti-celeb-type-celeb...

So I was telling you that I heard that Back To Ohio song like i did the other day at Home Depot and in that godawful mall place called Easton that I call Tel-Aviv. Easton like Tel-Aviv being a carnage to set upon an unwilling land by greedy manipulative types with no care for anything but their own profits.... meanwhile I've been chanting the song by peter bjorn and john (the new abba?) called - young folks - an "old" pop songs which I heard for the first time at Lowes Home de Pot which nearly had me on the floor crying... The lyrics - not the unexpected transcendental moment of feeling over their lyrics... the feeling of feelings coming back in menopausal surge like ways in humiliating cold hearted public retail aisles was something "real" and thus felt good and true and meaningful in meaningless soulless ohio parkinglot culture ways... But I remember when Easton was a vast rolling woods that should have been preserved as such - Ohio doesn't need another shopping experience.

I am NOT ashamed and am proud to be so out of touch with pop culture - that I somehow missed the rise and fall of Peter, Paul and Mary I mean Peter, Bjorn and John - the newest Abba since Erasure for sure. The lyrics are ideal for whistling thru effoxor withdraw and are thus an unintentional divine Allah Almighty God send. I wish these surges of feelings were real but it does make observing autumn from Morteville/Mifflinville/Ghettoville/Gangsterville feel like a LSD trippy fun ride like the rotor from Cedar Point back in the day....

...I wish you were here - i wish i were here... Where Queen Carlotta still is on her fat assed throne presiding over Morteville/Mifflinville for ever more...

...didn't watch the Obama show but stood in line for nearly three hours at Vets with a crowd of Obama voters - if there were McCainiacs then they were keeping shut about it. If Obama doesn't win then Diebolt Inc should be executed along with the Bush Familia and administrations I and II and Bill Crystal for being a smug bastard out of privilege totally shamelessly out of touch with how the conservations he defends for a living conserve nothing and possibly spread Socialism and Communism in the US more than any post war (II) red scare ever could. I mean the ideas he claims to defend will drive any one trapped in the retail class masses or below to realize standing in line for food and groceries and health care is certainly way more compassion than these miserable Corporate-o-cracy times we have sold our collective human American souls for.

When white Americans wake up to all of this misery that they have been denying - for denial is more than a river in Egypt - they will find to their horror an African American as President to clean up another White mans mess.

...but yeah my pal Ben is pure excstacy pornstar from the nineteen fifties newstand physique magz - if only he had confidence in himself for what he really is. It's more privilege than I deserve when he asks me to punch him harder - harder - like Tyler and Jack from Fight Club. God bless him for giving me back some masculine man2man sense of sexuality and dishonor to be proud of. I wish I could truely give him something meaningful besides a bruise and a need for stitches - but that sort of thing is underrated and way more neccessary than we know or feel comfortable in admitting to ourselves if we can think that far. Ben is the best porn star and more than Ohio deserves. And yes I truely LoVe him and have since I first met him when I first left for Belgium.

and I mean it to the blood in our veins - but wouldn't want to corrupt any pure feeling like that with a relationship. Ben is real and he is sex on wheels and hell on wheels without a car. Ben is something that deserves more than any of us can give him. Ohio should pay him taxes just to keep him here to keep Ohio from becoming all to Midwestern Decadent dull. I am just happy that I met Ben in those years via the North Market which my mom knew well from when she worked at white cross hospital on Goodale Park which became Hell on Earth Riverside Hospital - where I was born - where dad died - and where mom got chemod to death for no good reason when she deserved Morpheine and compassion instead - and someone to just listen to the pain - not use her as a lab rat for suffering for data for pharmaceutical industrialists who no longer even try to fake the art of medicine as a community role. Anyway we the masses like Justice are blind.

I can go on like this into an eternity of myriad intersections and connections of actual non-fiction looking for meaning where there is only this monotony of souls devoid of purpose or reason for existance... lost souls trapped in a dimension where nothing is real, nothing matters (to quote enigmatic leo strauss the icon of the neo-cons - those very neo-cons who missed the Straussian point - distorted it and manipulated it into todays wasteland of rutted out car parks) --- lost souls kept busy by an automotive inane matrix of work and consumption where consumerism is the only thing to occupy oneself in a retail snake pit of a so called life which is nothing more than working poor shoppers without a cause or purpose. Lab rats in a maze - experimented upon and used up and thrown away and forgotten. Suffering mammals of a human variety.anyway... are you reading this billy crystal meth - no I didn't think so - you just wouldn't believe it could be possible from your class privilege useless vantage point.

I'd stop by as your stud/angel but am not inclined to shave my beard anytime soon - especially not in autumn! But those were happy memories - Which probably are specific to places and intersections in time and space - which probably can't be resurrected on any intellectual way of thinking or considering it all but in my experience with Ben any thing and everything can be ressurected and only gets better with age like good wine and bad misunderstandings.

Ben the happy hustler you desire - he just doesn't have the courage to let go - which first requires a cocktail and a coupla pills neither of which he can seem to get squared away without getting it from his "clients" prior to showing up at their door like a needy but drop dead gorgeous stray dog - then you would be intrigued as I am by what he becomes. But without his pills he isn't your fantasy. Pills; a word he says with a minimum of two syllables and always very plural. It's all consentual anyway and in my experience genuine. life is fucked up that way...

Essentially American Spirit Capitalism unlike what's on the menu down at Whirlpool...Ben likes vicodin before sportsex - i like it after. To each his own and it's nobodies business or rather should not be but someone is capitalising on it for no good. but we are all pathetic and vulnerable in our own way and also unimaginable heros while we are alive - if only someone would tell us.

Halloween always makes me cry - beyond belief but I wouldn't change that and it is still despite its annual occurance with my own personal histories with this season - I much to my surprise still look forward to and love autumn. Autumn is the season of death and beauty and rememberence and curses - very real and harsh curses for those willing to see their own annual death. Pathetic for those unwilling or unable to read their own mortality on the walls around them.

all souls and all saints and all just bonfires of the dead...

come, come, come nuclear bomb to quote Morrissey.

happy Halloween - this is a testament of love and infatuation for you Guy Fawkes we need you in Washington, D.C. now more than ever. Come Obama come, paint that white house pink and all the other colors of this Democratic rainbow trapped by the consequences of unrestrained Beasts of Incorporated corporal Capitalisms from cranky pink elbow'd types.

It takes time for a citizenry to fullfill their responsibilities for a Democracy to play out and the Capitalists from Exxon and Mobil and the Rockefellers and those who worse aspire to be all that. It takes time. Long summers free from excessive work, long holidays with time to spare to devote to the free thinking that Democracy requires. None of which the Americans have ever had so our Democracy is a sham - a lie and a facade - and the Democrats are just slightly left of the Republicans - America - having only two far right winged government options to choose - will it be McDonalds or Burger King? Pepsi or Coke? Regular or Unleaded? one zero one - binary figures of death and the number of the Beast.

and to think if you believe in a higher power you are going to have to answer to him/her for the blood of negligence on your hands. Thank you Osama for the Geminoid reminder you got blamed and seemingly already forgotten for.

I've been using in leaf form Valerian, Sint Jans Worteltjes, Damiana, menthe du poivre (for flavoring), Kava Kava (used cold not hot or warm best with canned Coconut milk and fennel) - and I forget what else - I swear this stuff works!!! Kava Kava rocks! Better than can-o-bliss if you ask me. The PayGunz at the co-op took quite an interest in my purchasing such leafy cocochtions given our proximity to Halloween I suppose. Or were they wykyd Wiccanz i can never remember or care. I told them I was in withdrawal from disreputable pharmaceutical companies - that rather shut them up in their curiosities i must say. What were they thinking - Xanax, Valium, mainlining Dilotten with a few IV drips in a Matrix style catheter plug in my forearm? while hypocritically salivating at the thought? anyway.
Herbed up on my medicaments at my friend Davids house, flopped on a big sofa with Rusty the black Churchillian dog of mine and with thegas ceramic log fire switched on - in front of the biggest newest flat screen Ive ever seen i-we watched all six episodes of Neil Gaimans Neverworld - which i kept wanting to rename Neveryworld for no apparant reason. I made us all the Kava Kava Konkocksion (which is not an intentional Aryan sublimation) and they all swore by it - the herbal effexor effects as an antidote - and asked for more. Neverworld is a - what did you kall it skunkpunk (techo mixed with antiquities) film about London and the post Thatcher-Reagan-Bush vagrancy question/consequence of politics based on greed and cold heartedness - the consequences of which can be seen throughout the so called secular imperialist West - giving meaning to the structures of Islam being the Last book in the story of the Prophets for humanity (a real mercy if you bother read) nothing more than the closing book on this planets human story which we not Islam is engineering by our very selves by living out of balance and in disregard to every indigenious peoples ominious warning finally ringing true.

But I digress - Neverworld being a sort of urban folk tale remedy to help people assimilate i guess to the human beings trapped in vagrant lifestyles and the psychic effect vagrant consequences have on those who aren't. Its a great story I must say. Perfect for herbal halloween remedies. It's the kind of TV mini-series that makes you want to give out a dollar to every persons person flopped out on cold damp pavements for home comforts. Which given all my encounters in the upper world stepping over the under world that I've learned to curse Reagan - Thatcher - Bush I & II for and not the human condition of wrecked lives underfoot who are in the way as it were.

Of course the British Brainwashing Corporations aka BBC is not to be trusted with news of the world or day much less it's construct of history of lies and propagation as such - either at the begining or at the end of the day as they say but this is the sort of low budget gem that flies on the fact that the story is flawless and very neccessary - it should be required for all High School (and Community College) students and their edjewcators.

I must say i dont ever recall a Halloween in central Ohio with leaves on the tree - much less half of which are still green! i remember Halloween being the first realization of denuded trees and leaves underfoot in colossal quantity for the first time of the season. Last night after movie time back at home i was in the backyard dealing with Rusty and Tonkas perPETual dog and cat fighting and noticed the best light pollution free sky in ages - and happened to see a meteor shoot across the sky as if coming directly from Orions belt (groin). So I took it as a good Omen.

...of course I am still insane at the moment (as if it will pass - ha!) but surrounded by friends (24-7 David and Ronald) who put up with these demonic withdrawls and who keep proving their friendship with every satanic channelling experience i dish out at odd moments in evil soap opera moments. And from my luck of having a good little witch next door for a now sadly faraway neighbor.

There is this strange song titled young heros by Peter Bjorn and John (whatch the graphic novel music clip on youtubies) - its a song from a few years ago but the bluegrass version with a fiddle replacing the whistling parts (think Mayberry, Andy) and switching gender roles in the lyrics... Peter, Bjorn and John - (?) perhaps the newest manifestion of Abba? Yes I am repeating myself - this is the effects of Effexor who deserve a class action lawsuit.

anyway the whistling jingle part is actually quite annoying but that little bit of manic music has been in my head for this whole effexor trip home and at the worst moments it was something to cling to - whistling - like how people in doomed flights tend to whistle while they wait or so i have heard from reports from those mythical black boxes.... or maybe it was just the wind whipping thru the cabin and fuselage of human tobacco waiting in those eternally long seconds before igniting in their seats. On the doomed flight one such good witch next door was on at LAX on the runway there were people fried with their hands clasping their seatbelts - presumably to jump out of their seats but the fire spread that fast. The odd thing was she died from smoke inhalation and no visible bodily harm - found going as always against the grain - of human passenger exodus in efforts to help people off the plane. The football athlete who survived said he only did so by pushing the heads of people down and crawling over them. Happy Halloween.

...if you get trick or treaters answer them when they ask "trick or treat?" - with another question "Palin or Obama?" - then dish out rocks or candy appropriate to their parents pre-programmed Stepfordville answers.... you could i suppose substitute rock candy for rocks and tell them its crack and to go ask their parents about that. I miss the real Halloween trix-N-treatz which were way before my time and way more sinister and white pillow topped than todays children fare which is basically parental nostalgia enforced on children with too much sugar to begin with coursing through their Jello brand gelatin fresh veins.... like i do when I don't understand the costume and say that is this years best Jean Genet Ramses costume i have seen so far tonight! and watch with restrained glee as their parents shoo their children away in shock and horror from the misunderstood best witch next door anyone could have!

I miss you but remember tonight is the 32 year anniversary of the begining of a personal familial unfolding drama. I was the last person to see those kids having been the child babysitter at the time who took them hand in hand - trick or treating somewhere deep in wooded sub urban Worthington before putting them and myself to bed.

When I phoned ORW in Marysville to complain that I can't get a call to get a visit in before new years because of the waiting list and the prison bureacracy rife with excuses - i said "listen - i'm not new at this - my sister has been out there incarcerated longer than you now for thirty some years" - then i get answers - mind you not solutions - or reservations in for an actual visit but clues to "Call late - in the middle of the night..." is what i hear with a gentlized voice dripping with shame. She should have been paroled 27 years ago (from a secure mental care clinic at that) and those people out there know it because they know she is a cash cow for state money to keep them employed.

Nevermore, Nevermore... Mathieu

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All the Sons of Abraham Under One Crescent Moon

There are Christians calling me Muslim in not so polite ways - which ain't very Christian if you ask me, except no one is.
There are Muslims calling me Christian with an intention not to be polite which isn't exactly Islamic from what I have read.
I've got Jews calling me Nazi which I call flattery - and I'm equally flattered by all the Arab-Americans calling me Jew.
I just want to know who the fuck are you for needing all these labels for your lapel pin way of thinking.
At least the faggots are consistant in their accusations - according to them all I was and alway will be a ho'mo'seks'y'all.
My favorite are the Americans who say I ain't American because of how I think yet with all the freedom of thought I employ I'd say I was more American than most will bother to get.
I know rural folks who consider me city.
And there are Metrosexuals who consider me Appalachian.
I don't subscribe to being Liberal or Conservative because I see a vast colorful spectrum between binary numbers like Zero and One. Love, Hate.
Judge not lest ye be judged.
I do subscribe to the National Geographic for their photos and their maps but not to their way thinking and writing.
I consider myself a proud Mulatto - American - African American - white albeit pink elbowed Appalachian former WASP
but I don't care to be white right now.
If you don't like how I think then why are you here. At least you have a choice. I have to live with and co-exist peacefully with these thoughts inside my head.
I chronical them - my criminal out law thoughts - I don't advocate these dark clouds of thoughts passing through my ears. I chart them like a stream of James Joyce interior consciousness... And I've learned to give myself permission to think in forbidden ways. I can think anything, say anything, write and self publish anything.
I know the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them Jew unto Yew. ahem I mean do unto you...
You can do anything, think anything - pretend like Donald Trump to be anything - so long as it doesn't hurt the person or property of another.
And don't forget Bessie Smiths The Empress of the Blues Golden Rule first bluesy ammendment...
"it ain't nobodies business if you do"
So I am a free man. Bearded too. Coppery saffron colored whiskers extending down beyond my chin in Talibanned chic. Now that the Wests masculinity in crisis has a gentle Osama Bin Hidin as as a long over due handsome role model....
Man that I am.
Seven years on and I learned to thank Bin Hidin.
Way back in the nineteen nineties I remember an Architecture Professor at the OSU school for that giving a lecture on Urban landscapes and how ideal the NYC skyline was if it weren't for those out of all balance and proportion and style Rockefeller Brothers phallic Twin Towers downtown. Well I agreed then as much as I agree now. The idea back then in class was that the Manhattan skyline without those Geminoid towers was an architectural equivalent to a man made mountain in nature - with the Empire State Building and its tower top as the Urban Everest. It sure is nice seeing things at this time this way. Better than getting battered in a Battery Park construct. Who sits alone in a park named Battery after dark I wonder.
Well those towers sure did come down rather precisely for an "attack". But we aren't allowed to discuss that. Blowback. Inside Job. Read up on other countries "intelligence" was for this day seven years ago...
Record Oil company profits coinciding with record high gas prices today. Every media news item about a Hurricane is more worried about off shore oil wells... moreso than the life onshore. I like watching all those storms getting hurled from Africa to the catchers mitt of the Gulf of Mexico to get spun around and around and shot up to the Ohio River valley as they peeter out of power absorbed once again by Appalachia in erosion to end up back down in the Mississippi Delta at the Gulf of Mexico just west of the Redneck Riviera. I don't want to be on some poor mans vacation at the seaside having to look at the rich mans oil wells pumping up we the peoples for them...
Arab Christians and Coptic Christians call God in Arabic Allah Almighty.
How much longer until one twenty o-nine? Do you know the meaning to this rhyme?
What color would Obama paint the white house? White is as tired as the pink elbowed men who represent the AIPAC - oh hot and sexy Mossad agent come kill me annonymously for thinking and writing - it's not like you care but the Ottoman empire took care of Palestine better than Israel ever could or would even for the Jews and the Christians and much more profitably too - and with much more pleasing results socially, architecturally and linguistically.
Zionism is the problem and until that militaristic idea begins to wane and tear itself down and reconstruct itself inline with the real world of modernity and not to a sentimental early twentieth century notion then we really can't admit World War II ever really finished.
Who the fuck are you? Muslim Christian Jew ?secular or devout? We're all sons of Abraham tredging through an abandoned parking lot wandering to the next retail store. Leave the Christians in peace in the old towns and villages in Palestine where Christ came from - leave the Muslims in peace in Palestine where they come from. Israel is probably the inter-galactic name that the planet we call Earth is called. I can time travel in my mind fueled along by the creative drives of my psychic network. Can you?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan 1, 1429 From down the road by lil' Mogadishu

Just a few snaps from around moi maison bleu taken from down the road to lil'Mogadishu. Trying to put in a fence (even though I don't believe in fences) and attend the ISNA Conference - the Suq there has been a really bizare Bazaar of sorts. Really enjoyed making friends and reading all the books on offer. Bought a groovy Tshirt from the way cool Hijabguy. Met the fellows who runs Shukr who travelled all the way from Amman Jordan - and who had the best looking professional booth displays - Fellow red beard conspirators. In short a pretty good "Labor" day weekend with beautiful blue skies. An unusual start to Ramadan 1, 1429 - strange modernity these times are... none-the-less I'm bloggin' away trying to make sense of it all. Figure out what to do with all the scattered fragments of my life to reassemble like some cosmic puzzle. Work, house, rennovations, belongings abroad, life alone with a dog and a sometimes cat, a kick ass garden of opportunity in my own backyard - literally and figuratively. Picked up a Satellite system to avoid monthly cable fees and now have television from around the world which beats to shame anything on offer by Time/Warner. The Tonka Cat follows me around like a puppy. The dog goes bizerk - the birds, crickets, locust or catiedids(SP?) make a nightly cacophony that I enjoy the peace of from my bedroom window. In short life can be when caught unaware a real delight in simple things - like observing the blooms within a bloom on the wildflowers growing in the garden. The clear sky seems to suggest all the clouds went to the Gustav convention down along the Gulf of Mexico... It sure does seem like Allah Almighty God is finally showing His disapproval on the Republicans - upstaging those cold hearted Grand Old Party thieves - how do they rationalize their blatant quasi-religiosity slash Corporate-o-cracy sympathies for Big Oil and even bigger spending for corporate welfare - contradicting the aims of their own party and their own religion - How do you take a stand publically on such a platform of greed and dare to bring God or Morality into it - it seems like nothing much has changed since Plato wrote the Cave analogy from his ancient tome - the Republic book 7 which no-one in politics in the two American right-winged parties has bothered to read much less study and understand. I'm voting for Obama but can't figure out why Hilary wasn't the chosen V(I)P - not that I am a fan tho. My Ghettoville neighbors so far seem disinclined to bother voting claiming fatigue from being over worked... I said, well, November is quite a few weeks away so how could you already decide that you won't be going to polls for either candidate? To my neighbors here Obama might as well "the Man", another white man. Either way US elections are always about choosing the lesser of two evils... - although how can a nation of 50 states only have two choices... Zero and 1 like a basic binary system - I wonder who the AIPAC and Exxon types will allow the keys to the White House to go to this time around - I will vote - but I am not naive even for one minute to believe votes get counted and that if they do that they aren't manipulated legally (electorial colleges) or illegally (as in Floridian paper and electronic ballotry)... Call me cynical but I intend InshAllah to go pull levers or press buttons in a one arm bandit - Las Vegas styled election process - will it be three lemons for McCain and MsAbel or three cherries for Obama and Biden. 1/20/09 is a date regardless that I am looking forward to but I'm not optimistic. I still think the Bush II Regime should be put on Trial in the states or in Den Haag/The Hague for crimes against humanity and not allowed to go down in any white washed lie of a corporate-o-cracy history. If Americans only cared to know what they choose not to see - but that takes us back to the Caveman analogy of a Platonic nature... Not to be confused with the caves of Bora Bora...
I'm begining to believe that life under the Taliban - excruciating as it may be - is at least in a totally f*cked up way, way more honest than this corporate-o-cracy Exxon McWal-Mess we call governance and "free" market retail slavery.
I painted the little wooden bungalow I call home at the moment Turqois blue - actually French Riviera Blue from Lowes in some Olympic paint brand I think. I wonder what color Obama will paint the "whites" House if and when someone like him moves in. My dream President would paint the facade - wash it in some vivid hue - and wash away the AIPAC and the Corporate Military Industrial Complex Wal-Marted parking lot burnt out inner city grip on this nation. Stop giving welfare to a wealthy little nuclear missile weilding nation on a rant while abusing humans - Stop paying out corporate dole to corporations devoted more to their CEO's and global markets than the nation that spawned them. I'm tired of seeing working poor without proper healthcare, transportation, housing, or rest and relaxation - tired of the incessant media lies and electronic iron curtain of information that surrounds this once great nation. How can the Democrats much less the Republicans not stand for anything but greed? No wonder Ghettoville doesn't bother to vote even for an Oz like we are off to see the Wizard dream like Obama. If I were African American I'd vote come hell or high water just to piss off all the white elbow types who kept my people under a thumb of ignorance and poverty for 300 years.
When it comes to Truth being Told Obama is a deviation from the idealistic goal of throwing off the AIPAC colonization of the corporate and political structure of this nation from the top down. Not until this is undone will Palestine find liberation also. The fact that most Americans don't even know much less understand this (or care) is why this Vampiric dynamic shows how long we have to go. Obama will ensure this Zion-Matrix doesn't change its clenched fist white knuckled grip on this nation. But never-the-less-always-the-more Obama is a neccessary trip we all need to take and make happen for the next eight years because 300 years of North American history suggest this is long, long, long overdue and at least should have been done already 40 years ago for chrissakes: Palestine will have to wait I am sad to say - really sad to say. Maybe Palestine will liberate the Americans one day - who knows - stranger things could happen. Despite the dark passages ahead I find alot of optimism and color waiting on the fall of the New World Order. If it weren't for the AIPAC the Clintons and Obamas would have been Messiahs for the working poor People and We the People might still have had a middle class and not become another two teered have minority/have-not majority third world nation that we now are.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come back Michael Cleveland

Passed by this spot on Monday August 25th close to sunset bringing fresh plucked marigolds (orange) and a dog named Rusty. I just had to see the place where Michael passed too quickly beyond this consciousness. I feel like I still need you and still have a lot to learn from you Michael. I miss your smile and energy.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arabesque in Ghettoville

Arabeque is asking fellow Bloggers like me to start up and write their own nine/eleven anniversary blogs. My blogettes have always had nine/eleven as a running theme, sometimes in the background and sometimes in the foreground - conciously or unconsciously. I declare - I believe 9/11 was an inside job (from before it became socially acceptable to say so from outside closed doors) and that the Bush/Cheney Junta should be impeached before or after 1/20/09. I have been fired for much less petty things so why shouldn't they be immune? Dennis Kucinich seems like a real American US version of a North West European or Scandinavian politician for the people who is just doing his job. The Corporate/Media world is afraid of him so he is just ignored and We the People thus continue suffering for the Corporate-o-cracy we live under. In addition we live behind an electronic iron curtain of mis-information that surrounds the United States and it's invisible and very few people behind it even realize it's there but the rest of the world knows about it. So for all intents and purposes my blogettes are just another pulse or emergency flare being sent up as a cry for help to the powers that be (that obviously really don't care) - sadly the Clintons are included and we can assume ditto for Obama - I refuse to even mention that idiotic McCain and Able... But for the record I want none of the blood of this current terrible history that is unfolding around us on this planet at this time because the United States is the global Terrorist network that frightens the planet - I say - I want none of this blood on my hands (from enabling the suffering of Palestinians by a cruel and merciless Israel thanks to the AIPAC thug like grip on the US political and media matrix - or for the senseless US military industrial complex maneauvering in Afghanistan, Iraq or possibly for Iran) - I don't want the blood of this economic greed driven invasions for "Democracy" (read oil) just because I have no choice but to be a tax payer to fund all this Romanesque Empire suffering. We all have to answer to our higher power - how do I answer for being a silent taxpayer - I blogged you see - seeing whats going on between the lines of a Zionist leaning lying media and politicians - unable to do anything to stop this carnage of modernity. This is not Democracy. This is not America. Nine Eleven was an inside job - The people at the top of the food chain irregardless of their nationality - call them the Bilderburg Group if you want - Oligarchs - or Vampires who pray upon the life of the People - Nazi's or Zionists - these control mongers from the Bush Dynasty to Clintons to Obamas to Rockefellers to Cheneys probably though hopefully not Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundations - to whoever - they know who they are - Just because they don't believe in anything doesn't mean we approve of their blood and oil thirst. Neither do we approve of our economic serfdom with our tiny lives and being complicit to their crimes for our having to be a drone of a tax payer to fund all this suffering when We the People could be funding education, healthcare, housing, transportation, urban planning without automotives and most importantly jobs for We the People.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Move On's Tupperware TV Party is an insult to the memory of MLK

The following is in response to Move On dot Org's e-mail suggesting I like other Americans host a TV party for Obama's drama speech on the Martin Luther King drive by shooting anniversary. Oh my talk about Liberal bourgiousie being out of touch with the streets of Ghettoville.... (Not surprising my reply to Adam Ruven from MoveOn dot Org who sent me the invite annonymously - bounced back - Oh you know the Democratic Party copper heads really are such a bore - voting is always about choosing the lesser of the two Evils that the Chosen have chosen for us - this year is an easy one - I agree with Paris Sheraton I mean Hilton that McCain is old - I don't trust pink elbowed types with translucent skin conditions)...

Oh for gods sake why don't we just have Tupperware parties for Obama. Listen this country hasn't had a black leader in the white house since Lincoln and he was shot like a Kennedy too. A black president was needed years ago during the Race riots but the old white guard wouldn't face the times then. Now that the African American community might be eclipsed shortly by the Hispanic Community it's suddenly time for a black president now or never. But this idea of a chez moi soiree avec de television sur la Ghettovillette is more than pastiche its ludicrous - why don't you all come to GhettovilleUSA in Columbus, Ohio (better yet invest your lives and your money here) and see what really matters. Everyone has had a TV for generations now - we don't even get together to watch college football for fear someone not related might fart in the same room - those days of TV gatherings out on the porch for your neighbors went with black and white TV and Whites only restrooms and the whole notion of "back of the bus" - back when there was dependable public transportation. But here in 21st Century Ghettoville for all you clueless posh types White academic liberal types - people in Ghettoville despite their various melting pot racial makeup are struggling with obesity and no health insurance; car driving without auto-insurance; single glazed rotten windows in ticky tacky post world war II housing built for a housing shortage - trapped in houses that were past their sell by dates decades ago. Multiple family members strewn about in various complex Gaza City styled "reformatories" - This is Ohio - stinking hot summers and cold as a Republicans heart winters. Try heating one of these tumble down rape-cods as we call them - or running the airco so you don't kill someone in your house when it is 92 Fahrenheit degrees. If you don't get in touch with GhettovilleUSA then Ghettoville won't bother to spend the gas money necessary to go vote come election day. Which will be as if GhettovilleUSA gave their votes to McCain and Able. Honestly you all at MoveOn are trapped in your bourgeois excesses and clearly out of touch with the cold hard facts of life on these pot holed Bush II administration era streets. Now if you want to bring back dime bags for a dime for Obama then this neighborhood will be singing hallelujah and speaking in tongues for Obama - not defaulting into church life because there isn't anything else around here that's gonna save anyone that doesn't cost as much as the over priced Hollywood fare. We are struggling with gas for the uninsured broken down car or food on the table in the uninisured house for uninsured kids with little or no education - talk about a mind being a terrible thing to waste - GhettovilleUSA has been like this for generations and Mr Obama might know about it intellectually but he'd rather make sure he says the right thing for the AIPAC because that's who run things now. This is not America no mores. Just come here at least long enough to put some tent stakes down if not roots and get a clue about those of us at the bottom of the retail food chain before you suggest another brilliant Tupperware Party scheme for Obama. No wonder Bush II got reelected after he stole the vote from Mr Gore who didn't have the balls to fight him. Take a stand - Take a risk - accept the consequences. And no Avon Parties or Lingerie Parties for Obama either. Its not like we don't already know Obama is a Shoo in after Bush II but at least try to make it look like something Democratic is actually transpiring.
Have a party to Impeach the Bush - Cheney Junta and suggest capital punishment for career politicians. MoveOn dot org needs balls or at least a good set of ovaries.

Matthew Crouch
next to lil'Moghadishu
aka Ghettoville north by north east of Linden aka Gangsterville

Diary of an Atom Bomb

It's the day after - the day after the anniversary of the US bombing of Hiroshima. Nagasaki is coming soon. For some reason I can never forget these Atomic Starburst dates in history - and to think that there was a ceramic dish set for 1950's US households with a pattern called the Atomic Starburst in fab fifties colors - Made in American and California at that - not China - called Franciscan. I remember hearing Gore Vidal saying that Japan had been trying to surrender for months but the US military industrial complex wanted to try Einstein's and Oppenheimers new toys in real time on a real place on real people. If you ask me we have been lied to by the US government over and over to justify their war games. Now we are doing much the same thing again in Iraq and Afghanistan - which we were lied to about - and we are going to try to do the same thing in Iran. The lie with Iran is it's nuclear ambitions or rather nuclear intentions - and we are asked to forget that Israel has upset the nuclear balance of the middle east for years now with its gruesome nuclear arsenal disproportionately large for the region - and we are expected to forget Israels wonton disregard towards their human rights record with Palestine and the Palestinians or towards any Internationally agreed Geneva Conventions.

I find it hard to live in this country knowing these things. Knowing I can do nothing about the course of this history as it unfolds around me in my life time. I don't like that the US is known the world around as a liar. Wether it is lying for entertainment purposes from the US ministry of misinformation and propaganda otherwise known generally as "Hollywood" - or for R. Murdoch's version of the "news" - or the US "local" news - which is the idiot news. Or wether it's the invisible Electronic Iron Curtain of Information that surrounds the United States that is only pierced from within by those people with the time and drive to find alternative non-domestic news sources via the Internet - thank God for that tool.

What sort of times are these we live in? A dark age - caught in the analogy of Plato's Cave from his ancient tome the Republic book Seven? A book Republicans in the US know nothing about.

How does one reconcile that we live in Gog and Magog from Saint John the Apostles vision from the Isle of Patmos as recorded in the book of the Apocalpse - The Revelations - from the Christians Holy Book - the Holy Bible. Gog and Magog - Israel and United States.

How does one accept that as Leo Strauss pointed out in the 1950's that the Americans drive for individualism and consumerism contained the very seeds of our own destruction - (not foreign terrorists as we have been told) - a wise warning if ever there was one - a warning which the Neo-Cons in Washington DC missed the basic point of while trying to capitalise on for their own greed and ambition.

I find it hard to live here and know what's going on between the lines of misinformation. I find it hard to pay taxes to a system that is manipulated by the AIPAC for non-American aims. Where is McCarthy's UnAmerican ideals now? With companies like Exxon and Wal-mart (to name a few) exploiting the hardest working, lowest paid workers. When there are no labor unions or governmental bodies to protect the interests of the lowest wage earners from blood thirsty corporate Vampires who are feeding on the lives of we the People. When people close to the bottom of the food chain have to juggle how much gas to put in their car or food on their table. When there is no health insurance or car insurance or public transportation.

What does America fight for when it drops Atom bombs? When we fight a phantom idea of "terrorism" and only hurt ourselve by losing our unique civil liberties. When we decimate or have decimated places like Cambodia or Palestine - do we really have anything better to offer to replace things with? Clearly not anymore. Drive through Ghettoville and see the rotten American pie dream that is many peoples reality. There is nothing to believe in, nothing to live for - it is a nihilist nightmare thanks not to failed liberal democratic policies but to lies and mis-information brought on by the losers without a cause the Neo-Conz - con-artists if you ask me.

We as a nation aren't spreading democracy at home or abroad - we are spreading the lie of Consumerism. Consumption of military aims and products, then useless and meaningless goods engineered with planned obsolence - all at the expense of our environment and our communities and families.

The only remedy to this disease is to Kill Your TV - but no one is going to do that for it is the new opiate of the Masses.

The nightmare that began on a flight called the "Enola Gay" in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still like a rising and spreading toxic mushroom cloud expanding and trapping us all in its poisonous and demonic trance. Like Dresden Deutschland those cities succumbed to an Anglophone Allied lie - a lie which years later is still trapping and encircling and enslaving us all.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blue Savanah

The Blue project... and the backyard flower tribute to Charles Burchfield. It's been a hard working blue painting weekend. Blue Savanah like the old Erasure video....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Maison Bleu

One of the benefits of living in Ghettoville or G-ville for short is not having to contend with pesky zoning codes and their enforcements. In this sense G-ville is way more Republican in spirit (as in the old old party of Lincoln) than those annoying "planned communities" like Plasticville, USA which is way too much like a new version of the DDR and "planned economics". Speaking of the DDR these days going to the Pharmacy is like a public nusaince with Soviet era styled lines of sick people waiting on their drugs. I mean this is totally shocking culturally speaking - the lines at the corporate pharmacy are a veritable pulse of the Nation and everyone looks chronically ill and/or over weight. How the current Bush II/Cheney Junta Fake Republican politico's were able to reintroduce Soviet era styled line of broke "consumers" at retail check points is beyond me. Capitalism invented the soup and bread lines not the good old Soviets. I'd call them good old corrupt Soviets except compared to todays Neo-Cons they seem nostalgic and quaint compared to the Bush II regime which should be run out of Washington if not the Nation as a hole. Haliburton relocated to the UAE - so can these theives of the people. America just won't or can't wake up to the AIPAC thugs who scammed these guys in office to carry out their Zionist aims at our expense. But no one wants to know because there is nothing anyone can do and nobody here wants a guilty conscience. At least it is still legal to discuss all of this in the Iran of today which is looking more and more capable on the political leadership level of confronting the realities of today's complex world - something the Neo-Cons and the Dems are unable or unwilling to do at least publically. Well I'm still voting for Obama despite wanting to vote Independent. G-ville needs Obama but does Obama need or will he remember G-ville? I doubt it.

But this blogette was about not having code enforcement and zoning laws to deal with - all of which just seems way too much like Israeli styled flexible borders of control and punishment.

So given that I am not residing in McMansionette-ville and am in the more Libertarian G-ville I'm able to paint my house any color scheme I choose... I chose Turqoise with black trim for a 1950's home style on acid. My neighbors all expressed pleasure in the shock of color that sprouted up on this street. Pretty soon I expect this small drive into and out of lil' Moghadishu will be painted up like a row of Fiesta ware post war homes. Which is as it should be.

Little Pink Houses for you and me... as that song went...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

la fleurs du Ghettovillette

Backyard in Ghettoville. These days it is hot, humid, rainy and all around sub-tropical damp. I'm covered in sweat and am impressed by the green and flowers. This garden is my at home backyard memorial to my folks as their cemetery is too far away to visit regularly to maintain with these gas prices. They would approve of my thrify solution for theirsake. Mostly I am trying to adjust to the permanency of their departure and trying to stave off feelings of loneliness and despair - with these flowers that is easy but winter will be more challenging.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rat Trap

Don't laugh my rat trap home is paid for...

...which is alot more than most of those sub prime sub urban ticky tacky McMansions dwellers can claim.

Since my property would be worth more without the old wooden house of clutter I call home I don't even have to pay for home owners insurance which I can't afford without a credit history anyways.

This old mess cost me less than a years rent for a one bedroom apartment. Even in the worst case scenario I won't loose money except by over rennovating the place.

Why dontcha move to G-ville and get smart about low life living?

Eat Sleep Work

Here is a visual diary of my living in filth and working poor lifestyle.

SOS - I need a personal assistant, social worker, therapist, and cleaning person with good organization skills.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Adopted By Alley Cats

Over the weekend two cats - a thin mommie cat and her kitten - showed up in my driveway and stayed the night. I opened the garage and offered food and water and they stayed as if they always belonged here. I'm not sure if someone
dropped them off or if they just past by and liked
the vibe at my place and thus stayed. Honestly I
can't take on another mouth to feed but now
I find myself an unexpected member of the
Alley Cat Alliance. Given that Ghettoville has
mice, rats and other nighttime rodents these cats
are a welcome addition.

I was recently asked where exactly is Ghettoville - or
G-ville for short. I had to think and realized that
it is certainly more than this odd quartier of central Ohio.
In reality it is that basin that runs from New York City and
Miami all the way out West to East LA and San
Francisco. We once called a part of LA "the Valley".
Now it seems more transcontinental these days.
Middle America at or below the working poor
poverty line somewhere South of Canada and
North of Mexico and Rio Grande an inland sea of
parking lot tarmac and retail shed architecture
caught between two Oceans. Nowhere-ville would
be more accurate.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Day Another Flower Blooms Unnoticed in Mifflinville

Wild swamp Irises grow in the front yard and two of seven cactus blooms can be seen today. I'm still practicing thankfulness to stave off despairing. The Iris is the city flower from Bruxelles mon Amour - a place I miss dearly. I try to keep in mind I couldn't afford this kind of green over there without a few extra zero's to my name, bank account and paycheck. Strange that all I am missing in life are those neccessary zero's after the numbers to my name. It seems California legalized gender blind marriage benefits on my birthday and yet meanwhile my divorce goes down anyday now. Well I was never good at the monogamy thing and not lying to others entails first being honest with myself. All of that cost me the dream life I knew in Villette on those old and exquisite streets from an ancient city Tussen Hemel en Aarde (between heaven and earth - are the dream like gothic spires and domes - and tower blocks of old and new Bru-town - Brussels, Belgium - my other home). And yet saying all that my heart is saved for Yemen and it's extraordinary capitol - Sana'a. If I have a homeland on Earth it is the enchanting and mystical Republic of Yemen with some of the kindest people this earth at present knows. And yet in reality I dwell in Ghettoville, USA. It's hard to believe from here that I know the mysticisms of Multan - enjoyed some of the happiest times in my life Karachi, Pakistan and found new meaning to life and my identity in the old city of Sana'a, Yemen. I've spent a night in the UAE and long to go back. I dream of Mekkah and Medinah and long for a roadtrip from Dubai to Muscat. I want to spend a series of twilights in the old, old city of Damascus, Syria. For the moment I am trapped in a small wooden bungalow between utility bill payments that are over due and utterly confusing to me. Trapped between and eight of a tank of gas and empty. Trapped between basic home repairs that need made and the ability to fix themself or pay someone competant enough to do so.
It could be worse I could have debts and health problems...
Yet all I can consider is that our spoiled rich kid out of touch President our times very own let them eat cake Marie Antoinette and his puppet masters just want their greedy corporate hands to destroy our coastlines and Alaskan wilderness for their own profit - not so we can fill up our gas tanks to commute around our motorcities - those lying unethical henchmen will drive up global oil prices to get what they want because they have never had to choose between food and quarter of a tank of gas. Those men should be as Kucinich has called for with 35 or 60 articles of Impeachment - thrown out of office - put on trial and forced to tell the truth of what they have done to the country they swore to serve. Those men should not be allowed to go down in a white washed history of lies and deception for the people of this nation and the planet deserve better and at least the truth.
The book of Revelations from the Christian holy book the Bible spoke of Gog and Magog (Big Israel and Little Israel) and the Apocalypse those Corporate states caused - Tel Aviv and DC two invented Cities thrust upon lands that didn't want them. I can't afford to pay taxes - wether it's sales tax or property tax or taxes from my paycheck and I certainly don't want my money for taxes going to support a nation that disregards basic Geneva Conventions like Israel is doing to support the cliche notion of a Pure Jewish State - at the expense of Indigenous Christian Arabs or Muslim Arabs. All those Neon Jesus McChurches across America to the gilded Pope in Rome should be sounding the bells and sirens that Israel is driving out indigenous Christians from the towns and villages that spawned their religion devoted to the memory of Christ and his beattitude. And that is the great deception - Protestant and Catholics know nothing of the fates of their Brothers and Sister from their Faith in the Holy Land of Palestine - and how Christian is it to wontonly ignore the fates of Muslim Arabs who live alongside Christian Arabs - One would have thought that ethnic cleansing and the intention for pure statehood would have gone the way of Hitler and his followers. My tax dollars should not help fund a state built on such extravagant lies and fake prophecies to the tune of 22 million dollars a day to punish Palestinian non-Jews for the crimes of Nazi Germany toward the Europeans of a Jewish Faith from the first half of the last century. Israel cannot make up its mind from one day to the next where its borders lie and the host of Palestinian Arab Christians and Muslims and secular Atheists are tied up and kept in a prison state based in a conspiracy of international lies and deceipts from an all too willing accomplice of the global media cartell - UPI REUTERS et all. It is just too obvious when listening to NPR or reading the NYTimes that there exists a glaring bold face daily deception progagation on what is happening behind an inhumane wall and statewide prison system of present day Israel. A system that if not stopped in its tracks soon will be exported and capitalized upon around the globe in no time at all. Perhaps this is the Apocalypse Saint John on the Isle of Patmos depicted in the book of Revelations from his visions. Or we are just finding ourselve around the planet falling into a global serfdom of a prison planet.

We must not forget that Jews, Muslims and Christians have lived in peace and prosperity for centuries longer than the current crimes against an unarmed and defenseless people have been perpetrated by a nuked to the gills state of falsehood called Israel. It is time to start listening to Iran not neccessarily because they have the answers but because they know something about a region the West knows little about. It is time the US stopped enabling Israel and it is time we stopped this Gog and Magog approach to foreign policy. Nothing has made me doubt the notion more than present days Israels treatment of its non-Jewish self.

Through the media haze people are waking up - the truth is there if you choose to look it in the eye. Reality isn't quite what we were told it is.