Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random images

Someone fearlessly unafraid of color. The Purple facade along the alley behind Summit and Hudson.

A nine eleven refuge camp tapestry tribute - once a controversial e-bay item - now worthy of rethinking and reconsidering.
Some US state department Mosques of America calendar for 2009 -- highly collectible -- extremely hard to get a copy of. Not available for the taxpaying masses - I sure do want one but gave up on trying.

Benoit, Bender, Ben, BJ, Bendahar - many names - many guises but from the same great men of Walt Whitmans civil war era soul reincarnated for these post 20th century times - lost like the rest of us in the retail snake pits of America and their unnatural geography of parkinglots to nowhere. Some say Ben fell off the cover of a 1950 or 60's male physique pictoral from the days of sidewalk newsstands - back when most towns and villages had a pedestrian infrastructure. I say souls like Benoit were the stuff that inspired Leaves of Grass to not just be written but published in more free-thinking times than today.
Ben is hard working - destitute - working poor - devoted animal lover for discarded house pets much like himself - a local hero for homeless cats and dogs around OSU. Guys like Ben deserve a tax exempt status until this country can resolve its working poor control matrix/3rd world inducing shock doctrin-ette economic dilemma. Bens landlord defaulted on his buildings mortgage and you think Ben has money for a new rental deposit - utility changeovers and a rental moving vehicle - and in this wintery temperature.
Ben is just another all too human non-Joe variety example - like the rest of us - of the idea of United States American - too bad this country is over-run with economic and political Vampires who are ruthlessly feeding on lives such as Bens - draining guys like Ben to exhaustion - for nothing more than greed. Shame on you America - Shame on you and your Big first world Exxon economy creating third world domestic nightmares for most Americans (South, Central and Northern).
We still demand all the money you Exxon political types stole from our impoverished lives in the last 24 months with gasoline inflation prices. Let the economic Vampires drain humanity to death and extinction so they can then just feed on themselves.
I wanted to read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine after seeing the book product placed with the character Tara in True Blood; couldn't find a word about how all that Naomi Klein writes of all applies to the example of the Shock Doctrine idea playing out in Gaza and the West Bank fragments of a once beautiful and multicultural Palestine.
It has been said that the Palestinians will not be freed from the Vampire clutch Israel has on them until the Americans are freed from the Vampire clutch that the international Zionist economic cartell has on us here in the US: Well, that won't be happening in time for that miserable concrete wall around Bethlehem to be torn down by Christmas this year.

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