Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Let Healthcare In This Country Make You Sick

The following essay is about my recent experience with a central Ohio Doctor who astonished me with her extraordinary determination to listen and help me rather than inflict her profession on me - as most doctors do in the shortest amount of time possible for the greatest amount of money possible.

Dr Elarossi is actually located quite far from where I now reside yet I prefer the drive because she is quite possibly the best doctor I have known in North America. After living overseas in a country with actual healthcare I became used to affordable doctors who spent as much time as possible with me the patient neccessary to see me get well.

The US healthcare system is designed to keep people coming back which is an inherent flaw of the for profit US healthcare model. People in the US deserve better and Dr Elarossi knows this. It is my opinion Dr Elarossi is doing her part with what she can within our current healthcare crisis of greed to continue the art of practicing medicine ethically for those who seek her out for help.

I found my way to Dr Elarossi quite by chance and now refer everyone I know in need of an alternative to the current healthcare crisis of disregard and neglect to her. We here in central Ohio are extremely fortunate to have her here working on our behalf. Dr Elarossi has a patient and impeccible bedside manner steeped in modesty; her communication is based solely on a pragmatic devotion to science and the art of medicine not business. She spent a great deal more time in counsel and consideration with me during my appointment which is unheard of in the states now for sadly way too many decades. To her credit Dr Elarossi doesn't treat my condition as a single issue but treats my body as a whole state of being with a body, mind, soul and spirit ethic. For all this Dr Elarossi deserves in my opinion an award and recognition for her unique approach to medicine despite being locked into a medical economic structure that unfortunately creates a control structure of chronic treatment for dis-ease.

There was once a time in the United States where individuals with the caliber of character that Dr Elarossi has were sought after - maybe not in the recent last century but certainly in the one previous to that - Citizens who stood up against the grain of a seemingly insurmountable sinister force because of their own personal convictions and determination to do what was right for other people without a voice - these were the people public monuments by local artists were erected on behalf of a community to tell their story of achievements. If this were a more gracious time then there would be some sort of monuments being considered for good people like Dr Elarossi.

These days, however, the only monuments being erected are by corporations for themselves or their accomplices who work on a corporations behalf and not for the voiceles humane level of life. One need only listen to National Public Radio to listen to the long litany of shameless self promoting "generous" corporations and individuals who wish to slightly benefit society only after they have greatly benefited themselves.

God Bless Dr Elarossi - if only there were more doctors this forthright in their persuit of the Art of Medicine then this country would be that much more a healthier, ethically, and morally compassionate place for all Americans and our guests.

If you think this is all too good to be true then check out Dr Elarossi for yourself. There are lots of good and excellent Dr's out there but few who are capable or willing to stave off the beast of capitalism from devouring good doctors patients from our current merciless healthcare system that rewards the rich and healthy and punishes the poor and sickly.

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DallasAlice said...

Mattie: Things will get better. I too was lucky to find a great doctor here in New Mexico. Hang in there. I think Obama will make things better for all of us. Dallas Alice