Monday, November 3, 2008

Yesterdays Hope Tomorrows Salvation

This image was from yesterday November 2...

Hope and Salvation oddly playing out on the State House steps and lawn in Columbus, Ohio. Last time I was there I got stoned with some state attorney type. But that was years ago.

Today, in another "bury my heart at wounded knee Indian summers day" gathering trapped in the cold air of the shadow of those sinister Reagan era mirrored facades; on a lawn that once looked unobstructed with boundless optimism to the wide open West. A lawn once designed to be a staging ground for Ohio democracy in the open air to play itself out in - now out of all proportion and reason with that claustraphobic inducing real estate shiny walls looming overhead...

The nice thing about bad architecture (and bad governance) is how easily it can be demolished. However, this country is more famous for tearing down the good. From a backdrop of a sturdy domeless rotunda that belongs that way as a unique, suitable and timeless architectural reference summing up the lame state of Ohio - the original unlimited outdoor space of early 19th century urban planners would have held in its arms todays Democracy happening.

How it seems impossible that we have all waited for forty-five years for a promise of the dream of Democracy to be fullfilled - can it possibly have taken so long? Are we so over due? It's not very often the words of a politician raise the hairs on my forearm and yield a scatchy and difficult lump in the throat that is hard to swallow or speak with. I really didn't want the public humiliation of tears streaming down my face when it was over not that it would matter in such an annonymous and annoying crowd - but I remained a man with no falling tears - but it sure wasn't easy. Thanks, God, for Barack's sophisticated and polite sense of dignified humor mixed with rugged optimism for the difficult times ahead. I only wish I could have been closer but then, who there, then, didn't wish that no matter where they stood.

Bicycled there without food or water - stood for too long - but would do it all again! If only for another chance at a possible hand shake or at least eye contact with a man walking through history unfolding around him fueled by hope.

Independent local cafe's, diners, shops and newstands would have jumped on the opportunity to turn a buck with todays crowd - the chain stores just remained oblivious rendering themselves redundant in their pervasiveness in a downtown defined by parkinglots and bankers business hours.

Politicians inevitably will certainly always disappoint in the obligations of compromise that society and governance require - they are only human supposeably - (well - occassionally - sadly too few that is - of those inhuman politicians which Plato warned us about from his Republic) - caught up in the nasty human equation of politics - but some are better than others.

Even from those pop music performance outdoor ampitheater distances something palpable was present despite all the "inconito" agents strewn about.

Bought a 15 dollar T-shirt!!!! Yikes what was I thinking - of a Matrix the movie poster twist - "That One" with Barack as "the Neo - the oNe" that one...

Sometimes the unreality of lifes persistant or perhaps incessant illusion is brighter than the rest.

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