Monday, November 24, 2008

Tired of Waiting for One Twenty Oh Nine?

It is cold and damp and rainy - Ohio has the climate of a forgotten family cemetery. If I am going to be confined to a cemetery I'd rather it be in the dusty cremains of a desert than this putrid place. Gas prices here are below in some places 1.60 US$ a Gallon (still not Metric - yet! coz weez ameerigunz an i-litter-irate)

.....To escape the Ohio pollution, damp, mold and mildew smells that makes me want a road trip until I think about what a dark rather miserable time of year it is for North America in November. I would have gone on a road trip this year late summer or early autumn but Exxon and the Bush II Administration had other plans in other places which is not all what the Grande Olde Par-tay really is all about. At all... and most Republicans today don't even know that which isn't very Republican of them - just ask those two hillbillies out of Wasilla who went on a Neiman Marcus spending spree recently - they wouldn't know either.

....(Speaking of which I was always obsessed by her hands - almost as much as she was - those beauty pageant claws - which she would never expose as all ball jointed and curled up arthritic and veiny - so she always had these odd hand gestures going on quite independent of whatever non-sense was coming out of her tele-prompted mouth. (you know just to keep her hands and fingers looking straight so she'd appear younger - a woman's age as you know is clearly exposed on the back of her hands - Like a mans age is revealed in his beard - which is why vain Westerners are obsessed by being clean shaven. It's the type of thing cheerleader - Drop Dead Gorgeous or the Hairspray pink elbowed beauty contestants worry about in photo ops - is the Vaseline still on my teeth? ...are my hands and fingers straight and not curled up? ...feet together, no static cling - hate that on camera and could someone please refresh my Aqua Net stat! I love making fun of her so much I almost voted for her to be the new national punching bag-hag.

I am devising a scheme to rejuvenate this country in six months - just sue the Bush Administration - Cheney and the Haliburtons and the like - and make Exxon and Marathon provide private health care for all Americans and those even just passing through - the way European North Western Medicine and Health care works on a national government level instead ours will be corporate-o-cratic-automatic. Companies like those record (ree-cord not re-cord) massive profits by the second. They can continue to do so - even - tax free - but they will have to provide First World Health care, Housing and Education to anyone who needs it out of Patriotic obligation to the Nation that bred such a corporate-entity at such great national social expense. Plus they will have to begin a public works project nationally to restore pedestrian infrastructure to all US cities where it was removed to benefit the Auto Industries greedy desire to make us all dependent on cars and auto ways. Waistlines will return and chronic illnesses will subside and the Prozac generations will be no more. And they must provide real education - not this quasi religious crapolla that has swept the school hallways since Reagan - And I mean Education - no more phenomenal student loans to get through the University to curse you into poverty when you start a job until retirement if you stay healthy - but the school entrance (and exit) exams are murder of course - so no more faux educated Bush II types can get an education that they can't really absorb - less waste. Perhaps just the threat of obligation to The Vampiric Corporations like Exxon et al's human responsibility will be enough for them to stop stonewalling Democratic measures to make these basic first world standards available to all Americans for the first time in their wealthy assed history.

My biggest gripe about this whole two party national self abuse system is that these Fake Republicans cause so much damage in a very short time - that when the Democrats get their turn - they can only push the mop around all that bloody decay and never have the chance - in 40 some years of actually building any of the great notions that are inherently interesting about the Democratic ideologies (notions which invariable self corrupt because greed runs through human veins not blood). We haven't seen in my life time what the Democrats can do that is good. but then neither have we seen what the Republican can do that is good. Anyone here remember WWII era Republicans who didn't want to get caught up in European linguistic and racial quagmires who would have scoffed at present day Middle Eastern sentimental ones? So we need a revolution to chuck out this system. Bring in a Castro type - Singapore is a successful Dictatorship - the Republican/Corporate-o-cracy is an unsuccessful economic Dictatorship - and they never really step aside when they aren't in office - see the Ken Starr Clinton Character Assassination years if you don't believe me. Ask a dead Kennedy man in a seance. So this is why I am anti-American - this model - this experiment - doesn't work - it is a self loathing sort of game of unhappiness with no results except for warmongering. Would some please stand up and say so.

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