Saturday, December 6, 2008

Evicted! The New United Soviet States of America - Rescue Us This Winter PLEASE!

Right now from where I am writing in Ghettoville, Central Ohio it over cast it is 27 Fahrenheit degrees (or -2.777 Celsius degrees) and snowing - the roads are not suitable for safe driving or walking.

Pictured here is my friend Ben being EVICTED in time for Christmas by Sheriff Kearns office in Columbus, Ohio. Ironically our Merry making Christmas head Elf, Sheriff Kearns, who is endorsed by the Democratic Party of Ohio will be rendering Ben homeless in time for Christmas - way to go Ohio!

Ben and I both voted for the Democratically approved Sheriff Kearns. Ben is renting the first floor of a grandly proportioned forgotten old University District house along side the railroad and fairgrounds just east of the Ohio State University district. It is a house with heavy woodwork that has never in all these years been painted and despite all the seasons of students renting those rooms the house is still as solid as ever.

Ben is not behind on his rent but his landlord who owns over 200 properties is behind on their Mortgage Payments. This is a trans-National problem that isn't getting much press. Ironically Al Jazeera in English ran a story today on satellite TV on another such scenario in Indianapolis, Indiana - one state West of here - that is precisely what Ben is caught up in.

This is the same economic malaise that no one in political power knows what to do with. Rental class people aren't really land owners so they aren't really real Citizens and have very little rights in this present Corporate-O-cracy. Ben's landlord has repeatedly lied to Ben in exchange for rent payments over the situation of the mortgage. Sheriff Kearns office of Christmas Elves though helpful and sympathetic still intend to carry out a harsh penalty on Ben rather than his mortgage defaulting landlord. Merry Christmas from Ohio - way to go.... you got it O_H_I_O
Sing it Chrissy Hynde wherever you are.....
Clearly no-one in the US with power and economic understanding are willing to put themselves in the shoes of US citizens like Ben who are renting from deadbeat ......landlords. Perhaps it is time renters start performing credit checks on their prospective landlords before signing off on a rental contract.

Perhaps the Democrat or Socialist or Communist parties in America will offer up their solutions. Perhaps Christian Conservative will fund raise and speak in tongues over this and pray about it - meanwhile - rental class economic strugglers will continue to get thrown out in the middle of winter under the eye of a merciless God and Society.

God knows the Republicans thrive on this sort of suffering. Shame on you - you know who you are. Once again though already this early on Democrats are proving to be silent complicit partners with the Republicans who created this mess. They are both after all two side of the same useless US currency in these Soviet styled Ruble economic times. But in a two party system what choice do you have? The cold hard facts of the US is that the Republicans and Democrats are in a very well to do bed together - and they are cozy and warm in their self serving relationship.

My vote, next voting time around, will go toward the American Communist Party because someone with a conscience for - "we the working poor and unemployable people" - has a lot of cleaning up to do.

At what point exactly did the United States become such a foreign country for its own real but not well off people? After buying so much junk via McWal-Marters of Made in China American products do we the people live in such a foreign country where a United Soviets States of America might be the best way out of this social misery and injustice.....

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