Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreaming Of A Warm January Day in '09 Round about the Twentieth

From here in G-ville I sit writing with cold hands and feet. I'm remembering a classic nineteen eighties song titled "Life in a Northern Town" by the Dream Academy. One line from the lyrics goes "...In winter 1963, it felt like the world would freeze, with John F. Kennedy and the Beatles..." Back then over there in those Isles off of Europe that was a year with a real harsh and snowy winter. The Kennedy assassination played out that gruesome November and the Beatles began that long and winding road to bore us. But here now in these post - Twentieth Century times in G-ville I'm dreaming of the Bush II family and administration loosing their jobs ahead of schedule and getting evicted because of a faulty mortgage on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At least that would all be way more relevant to the realities of most voters.

Perhaps on 01/20/09 the White House can appear a bit different - Instead of a radical paint job in some fab color how about that infamous White House being bathed along with Capitol Hill - another White building - or another historically Whites only building... How about on this day which I am dreaming of from here in G-ville - those buildings are bathed in a color of lights. Like those old aluminum Xmas trees that had a color wheel spot light shown on them from across the floor - that color wheel spotlight would change the color of the aluminum silver foil tree to green, then pink, then gold, then blue on a slow glittering rotation. At least for Barack's first day can the White House not be only white? Or probably regrettably it will be some laser light cosmic electronic showdown in every color of the rainbow done way over the top. Maybe I am just nostalgic but a few strings of C-9 light bulbs of various colors would be a treat. OK, whatever, but as long as the White House's white facade becomes at the least a blank canvass for some illuminating electronic color. I guess calling it the Rainbow House is a bit much.... Likewise it probably won't be lit up in pink or rose colored lights for all those little pink houses in the American collective dreams but maybe it should. How about Turqoise Blue and Turqoise Green from those enameled American C-9 light bulbs which is at least how they appear radiant once the electric is switched on...

It's just a thought. A cold dream from a depressing G-ville Monday afternoon. A spot light on an architectural building of and for the people for once seen and depicted in some other color and colors. But do we really have to wait until late January 2009? Can't the Bush II regime be packed up and shooed back to Texas early in advance and in time for an Obama Xmas Special? Can't we just give over the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave early for Barack Obama and the new fab First Lady and First Family to be at home for Christmas in the white house under the lights of many colors.

If we can't fire the redundant Bush II administration - can't we just shoo them on their greedy way and out of our "we the Peoples" way to stop this winter of misery now ahead of schedule. God knows the Bush II administration deserved to be fired and do not deserve to go down in a white washed history. They're not going to be hung on some yellow ribboned Oak tree with some good Kentucky hemp rope for crimes against humanity so can't they just be sent back to some of their many other homes and ejected from our job and home of Democracy ahead of schedule and in some indirect historical shame they deserve?

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