Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At 50 Is Cuba Showing Her Age?

The headline within my Gmail - email program read "At 50 Cuba is showing its age"...
The thing is how do you agree when your vantage point to that headline is G-ville, Ohio in the last dark days of the Bush II Era. With every governmental institution in these United States in a bankrupt crisis mode, Cuba is looking like a ravishing debutante compared to this two centuries plus aging free market economic government over here.
At least Cuba has a bed in a hospital for anyone in Cuba who needs one - And if Cuba doesn't have the medicine for her patients then we know George Bush's Uncle Sam is to blame because of that idiotic embargo. But try getting a hospital bed if you are sick in the US and you don't have health care - try getting your prescription drugs for that matter. Dentures? Optical care? Financial assistance or just plain guidance. How about housing... Cuba has housing - does it have a homeless problem? Is Cuba rife with vacant boarded up dilapidated house while people in poverty have to make due on the street? In the cold and damp of winter?
Technically I am not a Communist - but that is only because I have zero idea on how to convert. Is there really such thing as the American Communist Party? If so, how do I join? I would proudly be a card carrying member of the American Communist Party! I would go one better I'd put ACP bumper stickers on the back of my car if only I could find their central Ohio head quarters and pick up some artistic Communistic propaganda.
Right now Castro's Communist Experiment 90 miles south of Key West is looking mighty inviting. Will Cuba accept citizens from the United States who on make shift rafts try to sail from Key West in search of a better Island life? Compared to the United States Capitalist Experiment I am ready to convert to Cubanism! God Bless Castro - at least Cuba's government isn't run by a throne that will only hold someone for a few years at a time before ejecting them out Jack-in-the-Box style. At least the Cuban government during decades long economic crisis caused not by Communism but by the United States Government that affected the Cuban masses - well Cuba isn't trying to bail out the economic henchmen who caused the catastrophe in the first place - like we here in the US are.
At least the Cubans aren't - while their people are sick and without health care - homeless without a housing program - stuck in traffic without a viable public transit system - I mean when all of that is going down the tubes in the US - at the least the Cuban government isn't trying to save the Capitalist henchmen who are profiteering off corporate greed. I mean how shameless is it that the media here is obsessed and I mean obsessed by bailing out the Big Three Automakers and Wall Street while Ghettoville, America is dealing with foreclosures, health crisis, food shortages in their home...
In the United States here in Ghettoville, America we are in a Depression - say it - D_E_P_R_E_S_S_I_O_N - say it! Say it again. DEPRESSION! We here in the land of the free are in a DEPRESSION - say it I say. And though Israel is bombing what is left of Palestine to smithereens and back the media in the US is focusing on other "issues"... Not on the Depression - not on the housing crisis, not on the health care crisis, not on the fact that food is fast becoming unaffordable.... The media won't say this is a Depression even though Ghettoville has been in a Depression since before the Clinton Administrations. The US media will not adequately or accurately (especially the New York Times) report on the plight of Palestinians trapped by Israel's shoddy final solution.
God Bless Cuba and may the United States look south for some solutions to our own problems in 2009 without self righteous hypocrisy.
Way to go George Fucking "W" Bush and your Dick Cheney before he dicks you George Bush I administration for turning me and all of Ghettoville, America into Kalashnikov carrying, goose stepping, American Communist Party members - That was really Republican fucking brilliant conservative economic strategic of you all. Now GET GW BUSH II THE FUCK OUT OF DC - We The Communist Peoples of America cannot wait until One Twenty Oh Nine.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Universal Health Care?

So here is your G-Ville author at his blogette command center. MoveOn dot Org is calling for photo submissions with a placard with your personal Barack Era Issue. I don't have a printer so this is my mode du jour to MoveOn's request. The thing I don't know about Universal Health care - or - Galactic Health care much less Planetary Health care. How about National Health care? ...maybe Capitalism is the disease. Health care for the United States hmmm's long overdue and I'm tired of all the greed based excuses. Health care pinned to employment is just plain wrong as is Health care based on Nationality. Health care doesn't make economic sense period. That said this nations doctors have become complicit with the morality and ethics of this country's greed based Lawyers and Law Firms. Shame on US.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreaming Of A Warm January Day in '09 Round about the Twentieth

From here in G-ville I sit writing with cold hands and feet. I'm remembering a classic nineteen eighties song titled "Life in a Northern Town" by the Dream Academy. One line from the lyrics goes "...In winter 1963, it felt like the world would freeze, with John F. Kennedy and the Beatles..." Back then over there in those Isles off of Europe that was a year with a real harsh and snowy winter. The Kennedy assassination played out that gruesome November and the Beatles began that long and winding road to bore us. But here now in these post - Twentieth Century times in G-ville I'm dreaming of the Bush II family and administration loosing their jobs ahead of schedule and getting evicted because of a faulty mortgage on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At least that would all be way more relevant to the realities of most voters.

Perhaps on 01/20/09 the White House can appear a bit different - Instead of a radical paint job in some fab color how about that infamous White House being bathed along with Capitol Hill - another White building - or another historically Whites only building... How about on this day which I am dreaming of from here in G-ville - those buildings are bathed in a color of lights. Like those old aluminum Xmas trees that had a color wheel spot light shown on them from across the floor - that color wheel spotlight would change the color of the aluminum silver foil tree to green, then pink, then gold, then blue on a slow glittering rotation. At least for Barack's first day can the White House not be only white? Or probably regrettably it will be some laser light cosmic electronic showdown in every color of the rainbow done way over the top. Maybe I am just nostalgic but a few strings of C-9 light bulbs of various colors would be a treat. OK, whatever, but as long as the White House's white facade becomes at the least a blank canvass for some illuminating electronic color. I guess calling it the Rainbow House is a bit much.... Likewise it probably won't be lit up in pink or rose colored lights for all those little pink houses in the American collective dreams but maybe it should. How about Turqoise Blue and Turqoise Green from those enameled American C-9 light bulbs which is at least how they appear radiant once the electric is switched on...

It's just a thought. A cold dream from a depressing G-ville Monday afternoon. A spot light on an architectural building of and for the people for once seen and depicted in some other color and colors. But do we really have to wait until late January 2009? Can't the Bush II regime be packed up and shooed back to Texas early in advance and in time for an Obama Xmas Special? Can't we just give over the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave early for Barack Obama and the new fab First Lady and First Family to be at home for Christmas in the white house under the lights of many colors.

If we can't fire the redundant Bush II administration - can't we just shoo them on their greedy way and out of our "we the Peoples" way to stop this winter of misery now ahead of schedule. God knows the Bush II administration deserved to be fired and do not deserve to go down in a white washed history. They're not going to be hung on some yellow ribboned Oak tree with some good Kentucky hemp rope for crimes against humanity so can't they just be sent back to some of their many other homes and ejected from our job and home of Democracy ahead of schedule and in some indirect historical shame they deserve?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cold December 08 Ohio Facts Dreaming of an American Communist Party Summer To Rescue Us

It's not like I am uniformed of the Socialist and Communist drawbacks - it is just in these present economic dark ages - in this cold and cold hearted winter - with the infrastructure of this dilapitated state of Ohio falling to bits around us - it is just - things got bad enough here that a Communist and/or Socialist solution would at this point in the social malaise and suffering be a step up into better times for many people trapped under the mess of wealthier peoples greed. And to think most wealthier Americans consider themselves Christian but see no need for Christian charity on a personal or state level despite the undeniable need of large portions of the population. Christian self righteousness when comfortable tends to blame those burnt by Capitalisms crushing blows from the consequences of personal greed. God Bless America. Yeah, Right. Way to go Ohio...... So goes Ohio so goes the nation. Well for alot of Ohioans we are at the bottom of a forgotten and frozen over toilet bowl.
A Motorola self portrait of yours truely from a 21st century entry into the forgotten poor little richards almanack....
Matt Matthew Mathieu Mustafa Moustapha Krautsch Crouch
Just call me Comrad or Mustafa please.
Eagarly awaiting the coming Revolution of Everyday Life.

Pictures Of The Day From Here In Ghettovillle Dreaming Of The American Communist Party Rescuing Us From These Cold Hearted Economic Times

Just another view from what should be a nature preserve called the Linden Air Woods. If the economy bounces back this inadvertent nature preserve will become another paved over parkinglot for cars and ticky tacky American houses...
The Linden Air Meadow that connects up to the ravines and streams that find their way to the Alum Creek waterway.

Farewell Angel - cast off sent to the pound because her owners couldn't afford dog food. The sign of the times are the discarded pets people are shedding themselves of in their personal economic turnmoil. Shame on you and your do nothing Bush II era Administration - at least set up a fun for all these mis-fit toys and people would you BEFORE One Twenty Oh Nine. Angel you are missed - sniff... I don't want to think about her being put down. She is/was a good if not neglected dog. At least in the mean time she is warm which is more than I can say for myself.

Where is the pound for people with no where to go in this climate?

Evicted! The New United Soviet States of America - Rescue Us This Winter PLEASE!

Right now from where I am writing in Ghettoville, Central Ohio it over cast it is 27 Fahrenheit degrees (or -2.777 Celsius degrees) and snowing - the roads are not suitable for safe driving or walking.

Pictured here is my friend Ben being EVICTED in time for Christmas by Sheriff Kearns office in Columbus, Ohio. Ironically our Merry making Christmas head Elf, Sheriff Kearns, who is endorsed by the Democratic Party of Ohio will be rendering Ben homeless in time for Christmas - way to go Ohio!

Ben and I both voted for the Democratically approved Sheriff Kearns. Ben is renting the first floor of a grandly proportioned forgotten old University District house along side the railroad and fairgrounds just east of the Ohio State University district. It is a house with heavy woodwork that has never in all these years been painted and despite all the seasons of students renting those rooms the house is still as solid as ever.

Ben is not behind on his rent but his landlord who owns over 200 properties is behind on their Mortgage Payments. This is a trans-National problem that isn't getting much press. Ironically Al Jazeera in English ran a story today on satellite TV on another such scenario in Indianapolis, Indiana - one state West of here - that is precisely what Ben is caught up in.

This is the same economic malaise that no one in political power knows what to do with. Rental class people aren't really land owners so they aren't really real Citizens and have very little rights in this present Corporate-O-cracy. Ben's landlord has repeatedly lied to Ben in exchange for rent payments over the situation of the mortgage. Sheriff Kearns office of Christmas Elves though helpful and sympathetic still intend to carry out a harsh penalty on Ben rather than his mortgage defaulting landlord. Merry Christmas from Ohio - way to go.... you got it O_H_I_O
Sing it Chrissy Hynde wherever you are.....
Clearly no-one in the US with power and economic understanding are willing to put themselves in the shoes of US citizens like Ben who are renting from deadbeat ......landlords. Perhaps it is time renters start performing credit checks on their prospective landlords before signing off on a rental contract.

Perhaps the Democrat or Socialist or Communist parties in America will offer up their solutions. Perhaps Christian Conservative will fund raise and speak in tongues over this and pray about it - meanwhile - rental class economic strugglers will continue to get thrown out in the middle of winter under the eye of a merciless God and Society.

God knows the Republicans thrive on this sort of suffering. Shame on you - you know who you are. Once again though already this early on Democrats are proving to be silent complicit partners with the Republicans who created this mess. They are both after all two side of the same useless US currency in these Soviet styled Ruble economic times. But in a two party system what choice do you have? The cold hard facts of the US is that the Republicans and Democrats are in a very well to do bed together - and they are cozy and warm in their self serving relationship.

My vote, next voting time around, will go toward the American Communist Party because someone with a conscience for - "we the working poor and unemployable people" - has a lot of cleaning up to do.

At what point exactly did the United States become such a foreign country for its own real but not well off people? After buying so much junk via McWal-Marters of Made in China American products do we the people live in such a foreign country where a United Soviets States of America might be the best way out of this social misery and injustice.....