Thursday, December 18, 2008

Universal Health Care?

So here is your G-Ville author at his blogette command center. MoveOn dot Org is calling for photo submissions with a placard with your personal Barack Era Issue. I don't have a printer so this is my mode du jour to MoveOn's request. The thing I don't know about Universal Health care - or - Galactic Health care much less Planetary Health care. How about National Health care? ...maybe Capitalism is the disease. Health care for the United States hmmm's long overdue and I'm tired of all the greed based excuses. Health care pinned to employment is just plain wrong as is Health care based on Nationality. Health care doesn't make economic sense period. That said this nations doctors have become complicit with the morality and ethics of this country's greed based Lawyers and Law Firms. Shame on US.

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