Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cold December 08 Ohio Facts Dreaming of an American Communist Party Summer To Rescue Us

It's not like I am uniformed of the Socialist and Communist drawbacks - it is just in these present economic dark ages - in this cold and cold hearted winter - with the infrastructure of this dilapitated state of Ohio falling to bits around us - it is just - things got bad enough here that a Communist and/or Socialist solution would at this point in the social malaise and suffering be a step up into better times for many people trapped under the mess of wealthier peoples greed. And to think most wealthier Americans consider themselves Christian but see no need for Christian charity on a personal or state level despite the undeniable need of large portions of the population. Christian self righteousness when comfortable tends to blame those burnt by Capitalisms crushing blows from the consequences of personal greed. God Bless America. Yeah, Right. Way to go Ohio...... So goes Ohio so goes the nation. Well for alot of Ohioans we are at the bottom of a forgotten and frozen over toilet bowl.
A Motorola self portrait of yours truely from a 21st century entry into the forgotten poor little richards almanack....
Matt Matthew Mathieu Mustafa Moustapha Krautsch Crouch
Just call me Comrad or Mustafa please.
Eagarly awaiting the coming Revolution of Everyday Life.

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Alcuin Bramerton said...

Perhaps in the US, religion is the problem, not the solution. Perhaps the failure of capitalism is an epiphenomenon of the failure of casual spiritual fascism in American culture.