Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pictures Of The Day From Here In Ghettovillle Dreaming Of The American Communist Party Rescuing Us From These Cold Hearted Economic Times

Just another view from what should be a nature preserve called the Linden Air Woods. If the economy bounces back this inadvertent nature preserve will become another paved over parkinglot for cars and ticky tacky American houses...
The Linden Air Meadow that connects up to the ravines and streams that find their way to the Alum Creek waterway.

Farewell Angel - cast off sent to the pound because her owners couldn't afford dog food. The sign of the times are the discarded pets people are shedding themselves of in their personal economic turnmoil. Shame on you and your do nothing Bush II era Administration - at least set up a fun for all these mis-fit toys and people would you BEFORE One Twenty Oh Nine. Angel you are missed - sniff... I don't want to think about her being put down. She is/was a good if not neglected dog. At least in the mean time she is warm which is more than I can say for myself.

Where is the pound for people with no where to go in this climate?

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