Monday, June 23, 2008

Adopted By Alley Cats

Over the weekend two cats - a thin mommie cat and her kitten - showed up in my driveway and stayed the night. I opened the garage and offered food and water and they stayed as if they always belonged here. I'm not sure if someone
dropped them off or if they just past by and liked
the vibe at my place and thus stayed. Honestly I
can't take on another mouth to feed but now
I find myself an unexpected member of the
Alley Cat Alliance. Given that Ghettoville has
mice, rats and other nighttime rodents these cats
are a welcome addition.

I was recently asked where exactly is Ghettoville - or
G-ville for short. I had to think and realized that
it is certainly more than this odd quartier of central Ohio.
In reality it is that basin that runs from New York City and
Miami all the way out West to East LA and San
Francisco. We once called a part of LA "the Valley".
Now it seems more transcontinental these days.
Middle America at or below the working poor
poverty line somewhere South of Canada and
North of Mexico and Rio Grande an inland sea of
parking lot tarmac and retail shed architecture
caught between two Oceans. Nowhere-ville would
be more accurate.

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