Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Day Another Flower Blooms Unnoticed in Mifflinville

Wild swamp Irises grow in the front yard and two of seven cactus blooms can be seen today. I'm still practicing thankfulness to stave off despairing. The Iris is the city flower from Bruxelles mon Amour - a place I miss dearly. I try to keep in mind I couldn't afford this kind of green over there without a few extra zero's to my name, bank account and paycheck. Strange that all I am missing in life are those neccessary zero's after the numbers to my name. It seems California legalized gender blind marriage benefits on my birthday and yet meanwhile my divorce goes down anyday now. Well I was never good at the monogamy thing and not lying to others entails first being honest with myself. All of that cost me the dream life I knew in Villette on those old and exquisite streets from an ancient city Tussen Hemel en Aarde (between heaven and earth - are the dream like gothic spires and domes - and tower blocks of old and new Bru-town - Brussels, Belgium - my other home). And yet saying all that my heart is saved for Yemen and it's extraordinary capitol - Sana'a. If I have a homeland on Earth it is the enchanting and mystical Republic of Yemen with some of the kindest people this earth at present knows. And yet in reality I dwell in Ghettoville, USA. It's hard to believe from here that I know the mysticisms of Multan - enjoyed some of the happiest times in my life Karachi, Pakistan and found new meaning to life and my identity in the old city of Sana'a, Yemen. I've spent a night in the UAE and long to go back. I dream of Mekkah and Medinah and long for a roadtrip from Dubai to Muscat. I want to spend a series of twilights in the old, old city of Damascus, Syria. For the moment I am trapped in a small wooden bungalow between utility bill payments that are over due and utterly confusing to me. Trapped between and eight of a tank of gas and empty. Trapped between basic home repairs that need made and the ability to fix themself or pay someone competant enough to do so.
It could be worse I could have debts and health problems...
Yet all I can consider is that our spoiled rich kid out of touch President our times very own let them eat cake Marie Antoinette and his puppet masters just want their greedy corporate hands to destroy our coastlines and Alaskan wilderness for their own profit - not so we can fill up our gas tanks to commute around our motorcities - those lying unethical henchmen will drive up global oil prices to get what they want because they have never had to choose between food and quarter of a tank of gas. Those men should be as Kucinich has called for with 35 or 60 articles of Impeachment - thrown out of office - put on trial and forced to tell the truth of what they have done to the country they swore to serve. Those men should not be allowed to go down in a white washed history of lies and deception for the people of this nation and the planet deserve better and at least the truth.
The book of Revelations from the Christian holy book the Bible spoke of Gog and Magog (Big Israel and Little Israel) and the Apocalypse those Corporate states caused - Tel Aviv and DC two invented Cities thrust upon lands that didn't want them. I can't afford to pay taxes - wether it's sales tax or property tax or taxes from my paycheck and I certainly don't want my money for taxes going to support a nation that disregards basic Geneva Conventions like Israel is doing to support the cliche notion of a Pure Jewish State - at the expense of Indigenous Christian Arabs or Muslim Arabs. All those Neon Jesus McChurches across America to the gilded Pope in Rome should be sounding the bells and sirens that Israel is driving out indigenous Christians from the towns and villages that spawned their religion devoted to the memory of Christ and his beattitude. And that is the great deception - Protestant and Catholics know nothing of the fates of their Brothers and Sister from their Faith in the Holy Land of Palestine - and how Christian is it to wontonly ignore the fates of Muslim Arabs who live alongside Christian Arabs - One would have thought that ethnic cleansing and the intention for pure statehood would have gone the way of Hitler and his followers. My tax dollars should not help fund a state built on such extravagant lies and fake prophecies to the tune of 22 million dollars a day to punish Palestinian non-Jews for the crimes of Nazi Germany toward the Europeans of a Jewish Faith from the first half of the last century. Israel cannot make up its mind from one day to the next where its borders lie and the host of Palestinian Arab Christians and Muslims and secular Atheists are tied up and kept in a prison state based in a conspiracy of international lies and deceipts from an all too willing accomplice of the global media cartell - UPI REUTERS et all. It is just too obvious when listening to NPR or reading the NYTimes that there exists a glaring bold face daily deception progagation on what is happening behind an inhumane wall and statewide prison system of present day Israel. A system that if not stopped in its tracks soon will be exported and capitalized upon around the globe in no time at all. Perhaps this is the Apocalypse Saint John on the Isle of Patmos depicted in the book of Revelations from his visions. Or we are just finding ourselve around the planet falling into a global serfdom of a prison planet.

We must not forget that Jews, Muslims and Christians have lived in peace and prosperity for centuries longer than the current crimes against an unarmed and defenseless people have been perpetrated by a nuked to the gills state of falsehood called Israel. It is time to start listening to Iran not neccessarily because they have the answers but because they know something about a region the West knows little about. It is time the US stopped enabling Israel and it is time we stopped this Gog and Magog approach to foreign policy. Nothing has made me doubt the notion more than present days Israels treatment of its non-Jewish self.

Through the media haze people are waking up - the truth is there if you choose to look it in the eye. Reality isn't quite what we were told it is.

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