Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mifflinville from the Alley

Here is some photo documentation of the little alley behind my residence in Mifflinville aka Ghettoville just down the street from Columbus' Lil'Moghadishu. I got this place for 12,000 dollars and it was worth every penny. I don't really expect the property to appreciate that much unless Obama gets elected President. I'm still mad at Obama for his Prostitutional Speech at the AIPAC Convention (really a high school pep rally done up like a Las Vegas show). What can Obama say now to Palestinians Americans and their families trapped in Palestine after promising Jerusalem to the Occupiers? Voting for Presidents is always about choosing the lesser of the evils on offer. Which until that AIPAC speech I thought this election would really be different. I really did. At least when McCain (and Abel) spoke at the AIPAC pep rally he sounded hypocritical, all tongue in cheek like if he were smart enough for that, leering back at the AIPAC Network of political control due to it's shameless media connections that can make or break political leaders in the US. The fact that McCain and Abel did all that while putting on Ronny Reagan (Ray-guns) geriatric voice was pure kitsch. It was cute that after that miserable AIPAC night Hilary comes out about not running - as if she were waiting for the AIPAC-ers to tell her wether to drop out of the election or not.

Meanwhile I listen to infowars dot com and wonder if its all a Bilderberg Conspiracy - Wether it's Al Gore ranting on about an inconvenient truth or infowars going on about prison camps for the middle classes it all depresses me to the point of driving me to call the suicide hotline - or at least to check out the online alternatives to suicide - plant a garden - walk the dog - which I did. I feel suicidal because I can't pay my utility bills and the suicide hotline can't help there either...
Al Gore is a farce because he let us down in the 2000 election - he should have fought Bush II for the White House - he didn't so why should I watch his movie on DVD - as if I didn't know all that already. See the clothes line behind my house - I don't use my used electric clothes dryer because I can't afford the utility bills on my house anyway. I am about ready to retire my old Hyundai Elantra with that fab Saab styling for a bicycle because gas is 4 dollars a gallon except then I'll need a horse and buggy in the winter to get to work because thar ain't public transportation grids anymore thanks to the auto-lobby-corporatists.

I plan to vote InshAllah for Obama - the thing is as much as I want him to be President I really will regret having to run him through my Blogette Presidential Critial Analysis Mill or rather medieval torture device. Obama is the best thing this country has had since the Kennedy's were alive (and the hallowed Kennedy's were all rather good old American playboys but the best we had). We all might miss the Clinton years but we can't turn back the clocks either. After all these miserable Bush II Monarchial years of taxation without representation having the Clintons back in office is just too much like a petty family feud playing itself out at the expense of a nation in an astonishing and unacknowleged (by the media) economic Depression. Miss Hilary as they call here in this quartier is just too posh SUV Suburban out of touch for these alleys and roads of Mifflinville. Maybe She will have a chance in 2016 if we all survive the end of the Mayan Calendar election year after this years round. It is still not too late to Impeach Bush II and rethink the control freaks from the AIPAC.

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