Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan 1, 1429 From down the road by lil' Mogadishu

Just a few snaps from around moi maison bleu taken from down the road to lil'Mogadishu. Trying to put in a fence (even though I don't believe in fences) and attend the ISNA Conference - the Suq there has been a really bizare Bazaar of sorts. Really enjoyed making friends and reading all the books on offer. Bought a groovy Tshirt from the way cool Hijabguy. Met the fellows who runs Shukr who travelled all the way from Amman Jordan - and who had the best looking professional booth displays - Fellow red beard conspirators. In short a pretty good "Labor" day weekend with beautiful blue skies. An unusual start to Ramadan 1, 1429 - strange modernity these times are... none-the-less I'm bloggin' away trying to make sense of it all. Figure out what to do with all the scattered fragments of my life to reassemble like some cosmic puzzle. Work, house, rennovations, belongings abroad, life alone with a dog and a sometimes cat, a kick ass garden of opportunity in my own backyard - literally and figuratively. Picked up a Satellite system to avoid monthly cable fees and now have television from around the world which beats to shame anything on offer by Time/Warner. The Tonka Cat follows me around like a puppy. The dog goes bizerk - the birds, crickets, locust or catiedids(SP?) make a nightly cacophony that I enjoy the peace of from my bedroom window. In short life can be when caught unaware a real delight in simple things - like observing the blooms within a bloom on the wildflowers growing in the garden. The clear sky seems to suggest all the clouds went to the Gustav convention down along the Gulf of Mexico... It sure does seem like Allah Almighty God is finally showing His disapproval on the Republicans - upstaging those cold hearted Grand Old Party thieves - how do they rationalize their blatant quasi-religiosity slash Corporate-o-cracy sympathies for Big Oil and even bigger spending for corporate welfare - contradicting the aims of their own party and their own religion - How do you take a stand publically on such a platform of greed and dare to bring God or Morality into it - it seems like nothing much has changed since Plato wrote the Cave analogy from his ancient tome - the Republic book 7 which no-one in politics in the two American right-winged parties has bothered to read much less study and understand. I'm voting for Obama but can't figure out why Hilary wasn't the chosen V(I)P - not that I am a fan tho. My Ghettoville neighbors so far seem disinclined to bother voting claiming fatigue from being over worked... I said, well, November is quite a few weeks away so how could you already decide that you won't be going to polls for either candidate? To my neighbors here Obama might as well "the Man", another white man. Either way US elections are always about choosing the lesser of two evils... - although how can a nation of 50 states only have two choices... Zero and 1 like a basic binary system - I wonder who the AIPAC and Exxon types will allow the keys to the White House to go to this time around - I will vote - but I am not naive even for one minute to believe votes get counted and that if they do that they aren't manipulated legally (electorial colleges) or illegally (as in Floridian paper and electronic ballotry)... Call me cynical but I intend InshAllah to go pull levers or press buttons in a one arm bandit - Las Vegas styled election process - will it be three lemons for McCain and MsAbel or three cherries for Obama and Biden. 1/20/09 is a date regardless that I am looking forward to but I'm not optimistic. I still think the Bush II Regime should be put on Trial in the states or in Den Haag/The Hague for crimes against humanity and not allowed to go down in any white washed lie of a corporate-o-cracy history. If Americans only cared to know what they choose not to see - but that takes us back to the Caveman analogy of a Platonic nature... Not to be confused with the caves of Bora Bora...
I'm begining to believe that life under the Taliban - excruciating as it may be - is at least in a totally f*cked up way, way more honest than this corporate-o-cracy Exxon McWal-Mess we call governance and "free" market retail slavery.
I painted the little wooden bungalow I call home at the moment Turqois blue - actually French Riviera Blue from Lowes in some Olympic paint brand I think. I wonder what color Obama will paint the "whites" House if and when someone like him moves in. My dream President would paint the facade - wash it in some vivid hue - and wash away the AIPAC and the Corporate Military Industrial Complex Wal-Marted parking lot burnt out inner city grip on this nation. Stop giving welfare to a wealthy little nuclear missile weilding nation on a rant while abusing humans - Stop paying out corporate dole to corporations devoted more to their CEO's and global markets than the nation that spawned them. I'm tired of seeing working poor without proper healthcare, transportation, housing, or rest and relaxation - tired of the incessant media lies and electronic iron curtain of information that surrounds this once great nation. How can the Democrats much less the Republicans not stand for anything but greed? No wonder Ghettoville doesn't bother to vote even for an Oz like we are off to see the Wizard dream like Obama. If I were African American I'd vote come hell or high water just to piss off all the white elbow types who kept my people under a thumb of ignorance and poverty for 300 years.
When it comes to Truth being Told Obama is a deviation from the idealistic goal of throwing off the AIPAC colonization of the corporate and political structure of this nation from the top down. Not until this is undone will Palestine find liberation also. The fact that most Americans don't even know much less understand this (or care) is why this Vampiric dynamic shows how long we have to go. Obama will ensure this Zion-Matrix doesn't change its clenched fist white knuckled grip on this nation. But never-the-less-always-the-more Obama is a neccessary trip we all need to take and make happen for the next eight years because 300 years of North American history suggest this is long, long, long overdue and at least should have been done already 40 years ago for chrissakes: Palestine will have to wait I am sad to say - really sad to say. Maybe Palestine will liberate the Americans one day - who knows - stranger things could happen. Despite the dark passages ahead I find alot of optimism and color waiting on the fall of the New World Order. If it weren't for the AIPAC the Clintons and Obamas would have been Messiahs for the working poor People and We the People might still have had a middle class and not become another two teered have minority/have-not majority third world nation that we now are.

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