Thursday, September 11, 2008

All the Sons of Abraham Under One Crescent Moon

There are Christians calling me Muslim in not so polite ways - which ain't very Christian if you ask me, except no one is.
There are Muslims calling me Christian with an intention not to be polite which isn't exactly Islamic from what I have read.
I've got Jews calling me Nazi which I call flattery - and I'm equally flattered by all the Arab-Americans calling me Jew.
I just want to know who the fuck are you for needing all these labels for your lapel pin way of thinking.
At least the faggots are consistant in their accusations - according to them all I was and alway will be a ho'mo'seks'y'all.
My favorite are the Americans who say I ain't American because of how I think yet with all the freedom of thought I employ I'd say I was more American than most will bother to get.
I know rural folks who consider me city.
And there are Metrosexuals who consider me Appalachian.
I don't subscribe to being Liberal or Conservative because I see a vast colorful spectrum between binary numbers like Zero and One. Love, Hate.
Judge not lest ye be judged.
I do subscribe to the National Geographic for their photos and their maps but not to their way thinking and writing.
I consider myself a proud Mulatto - American - African American - white albeit pink elbowed Appalachian former WASP
but I don't care to be white right now.
If you don't like how I think then why are you here. At least you have a choice. I have to live with and co-exist peacefully with these thoughts inside my head.
I chronical them - my criminal out law thoughts - I don't advocate these dark clouds of thoughts passing through my ears. I chart them like a stream of James Joyce interior consciousness... And I've learned to give myself permission to think in forbidden ways. I can think anything, say anything, write and self publish anything.
I know the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them Jew unto Yew. ahem I mean do unto you...
You can do anything, think anything - pretend like Donald Trump to be anything - so long as it doesn't hurt the person or property of another.
And don't forget Bessie Smiths The Empress of the Blues Golden Rule first bluesy ammendment...
"it ain't nobodies business if you do"
So I am a free man. Bearded too. Coppery saffron colored whiskers extending down beyond my chin in Talibanned chic. Now that the Wests masculinity in crisis has a gentle Osama Bin Hidin as as a long over due handsome role model....
Man that I am.
Seven years on and I learned to thank Bin Hidin.
Way back in the nineteen nineties I remember an Architecture Professor at the OSU school for that giving a lecture on Urban landscapes and how ideal the NYC skyline was if it weren't for those out of all balance and proportion and style Rockefeller Brothers phallic Twin Towers downtown. Well I agreed then as much as I agree now. The idea back then in class was that the Manhattan skyline without those Geminoid towers was an architectural equivalent to a man made mountain in nature - with the Empire State Building and its tower top as the Urban Everest. It sure is nice seeing things at this time this way. Better than getting battered in a Battery Park construct. Who sits alone in a park named Battery after dark I wonder.
Well those towers sure did come down rather precisely for an "attack". But we aren't allowed to discuss that. Blowback. Inside Job. Read up on other countries "intelligence" was for this day seven years ago...
Record Oil company profits coinciding with record high gas prices today. Every media news item about a Hurricane is more worried about off shore oil wells... moreso than the life onshore. I like watching all those storms getting hurled from Africa to the catchers mitt of the Gulf of Mexico to get spun around and around and shot up to the Ohio River valley as they peeter out of power absorbed once again by Appalachia in erosion to end up back down in the Mississippi Delta at the Gulf of Mexico just west of the Redneck Riviera. I don't want to be on some poor mans vacation at the seaside having to look at the rich mans oil wells pumping up we the peoples for them...
Arab Christians and Coptic Christians call God in Arabic Allah Almighty.
How much longer until one twenty o-nine? Do you know the meaning to this rhyme?
What color would Obama paint the white house? White is as tired as the pink elbowed men who represent the AIPAC - oh hot and sexy Mossad agent come kill me annonymously for thinking and writing - it's not like you care but the Ottoman empire took care of Palestine better than Israel ever could or would even for the Jews and the Christians and much more profitably too - and with much more pleasing results socially, architecturally and linguistically.
Zionism is the problem and until that militaristic idea begins to wane and tear itself down and reconstruct itself inline with the real world of modernity and not to a sentimental early twentieth century notion then we really can't admit World War II ever really finished.
Who the fuck are you? Muslim Christian Jew ?secular or devout? We're all sons of Abraham tredging through an abandoned parking lot wandering to the next retail store. Leave the Christians in peace in the old towns and villages in Palestine where Christ came from - leave the Muslims in peace in Palestine where they come from. Israel is probably the inter-galactic name that the planet we call Earth is called. I can time travel in my mind fueled along by the creative drives of my psychic network. Can you?

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