Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arabesque in Ghettoville

Arabeque is asking fellow Bloggers like me to start up and write their own nine/eleven anniversary blogs. My blogettes have always had nine/eleven as a running theme, sometimes in the background and sometimes in the foreground - conciously or unconsciously. I declare - I believe 9/11 was an inside job (from before it became socially acceptable to say so from outside closed doors) and that the Bush/Cheney Junta should be impeached before or after 1/20/09. I have been fired for much less petty things so why shouldn't they be immune? Dennis Kucinich seems like a real American US version of a North West European or Scandinavian politician for the people who is just doing his job. The Corporate/Media world is afraid of him so he is just ignored and We the People thus continue suffering for the Corporate-o-cracy we live under. In addition we live behind an electronic iron curtain of mis-information that surrounds the United States and it's invisible and very few people behind it even realize it's there but the rest of the world knows about it. So for all intents and purposes my blogettes are just another pulse or emergency flare being sent up as a cry for help to the powers that be (that obviously really don't care) - sadly the Clintons are included and we can assume ditto for Obama - I refuse to even mention that idiotic McCain and Able... But for the record I want none of the blood of this current terrible history that is unfolding around us on this planet at this time because the United States is the global Terrorist network that frightens the planet - I say - I want none of this blood on my hands (from enabling the suffering of Palestinians by a cruel and merciless Israel thanks to the AIPAC thug like grip on the US political and media matrix - or for the senseless US military industrial complex maneauvering in Afghanistan, Iraq or possibly for Iran) - I don't want the blood of this economic greed driven invasions for "Democracy" (read oil) just because I have no choice but to be a tax payer to fund all this Romanesque Empire suffering. We all have to answer to our higher power - how do I answer for being a silent taxpayer - I blogged you see - seeing whats going on between the lines of a Zionist leaning lying media and politicians - unable to do anything to stop this carnage of modernity. This is not Democracy. This is not America. Nine Eleven was an inside job - The people at the top of the food chain irregardless of their nationality - call them the Bilderburg Group if you want - Oligarchs - or Vampires who pray upon the life of the People - Nazi's or Zionists - these control mongers from the Bush Dynasty to Clintons to Obamas to Rockefellers to Cheneys probably though hopefully not Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundations - to whoever - they know who they are - Just because they don't believe in anything doesn't mean we approve of their blood and oil thirst. Neither do we approve of our economic serfdom with our tiny lives and being complicit to their crimes for our having to be a drone of a tax payer to fund all this suffering when We the People could be funding education, healthcare, housing, transportation, urban planning without automotives and most importantly jobs for We the People.

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