Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Impeach the AIPAC Network so We The People can Impeach Cheney and Bush

Woke up wanting to see the Cheney Bush II administration go down in history with their miserable foreign and domestic policy records as much a part of their names as their crimes against humanity and this very country to say nothing of Iraq. I just don't want to see Cheney and Bush II enter into a post-Presidential history without having gotten the truth out about what they did with their time in office. Then I realized that wouldn't happen until the AIPAC released its clenched fist grip on the US political structure. So now I am calling for the AIPAC lobby network and media matrix to be disolved, dismantled, destructured, banned and impeached for it's unAmerican grip of control on US political representation. Once the AIPAC is Impeached then Cheney and Bush et al will most certainly be IMPEACHED and shooed out of office before 1-20-09. If only America would wake up and not let these hench-men go down in a fake and white washed history. Those horse men of the Apocalpse didn't earn themselves a dignified place in history nor should we the people allow them that.

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