Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Myanmar In Your Hours of Distress: Don't Allow the US to be your unwanted Trojan Horse

...Isn't it a bit rich and fundamentally hypocritical of the Marionette puppet Bush II and his Puppet Master Cheney to spout off to the Government of Myanmar to let the US step in and help solve the Myanmar Act of God disaster? This is the administration that wontonly ignored New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf coast and let FEMA out to pasture in a mandate of ignoring domestic destruction and suffering. My advice to the people and Government of Myanmar is don't be deceived by the Bush II seemingly generous offering of help. For certain is it some unwanted Trojan horse. There are more capable, dignified and more honest wealthy nations around the world to make up for the current loss of the US being able to help at this time. The Bush II administration owes New Orleans and the whole of the Gulf Coast Katrina Hurricane carnage an apology in the form of definate reconstruction and financial reimbursement due to their hypocritical cruel policy of neglect and denial.

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