Monday, April 7, 2008

Farewell Linden Air Drive-In

Farewell Linden Air Drive-In movies and way cool sign. Actually the Linden Air Drive-in has been closed for many years. After that the place was a flea market, however, the sign stood until sometime in March '08 when it was dismantled. Until last month that sign was in my opinion a landmark and a neccessary one at that. Without this sign I can't find where my street is off of the old 3C highway. Neither can I find the entrance for Habitat for Humanity the thrift store for DIY home owners (or slum lords). For some reason I was mesmerized by the sign and it's cinematic history. America has no sense of the Sacred - whether pummeling Native lands and culture to build concrete and aluminum shed buildings for shopping on once woodlands and wetlands just to be surrounded by acres of tarmac for parking - or for the US's own history from back in the day in the nineteen fifties to build drive in "theaters".
The old Linden Air Drive-In Screen still stands and I can see it from my back yard though no movies play on it. One less thing to do in Ghettoville in this decade. The rows of hill like humps for parking to see the screen still remain like a strange forgotten burial mound for a culture with no history and no intention for a history. Those mounds now holding the trees that grew up there over time. I suspect the cinematic graveyard will be raised for future Ghettoville housing to play out in after the plastic freshness wears off. For the moment in the economic times of this day and age in this region the woodland areas prevail and the ravines going to Alum Creek "river" flow and flood with Springs arrival.
To compliment my interest in doing my part to protect the ecological sphere or membrane around the planet that all known life in our solar system depend on, I've hung up a cotton rope clothes line - actually I just can't afford my electric bill. The pulley's that I bought are plastic and will survive all life forms on this planet except maybe Ghettovilles die hard cockroaches I suppose. In the mean time my clothes dry rather fast and cheaply on this line. Despite Columbus' air pollution when I bring in the clothes they smell better than synthetic fabric softener fragrances. In the photo below the clothes line is some reproduction made in China enamelled metal glider built like the Ohio trademark Lustron home. That new glider is considerably smaller than the one grandma used to have. I guess I should string up a hammock for napping in while waiting on the laundry to dry.
I'm behind in my utility bills - juggling which one will get paid this month. I still don't have the money for a refrigerator. I need to put up a fence to keep the dog in some part of the yard without a leash and to keep neighborhood bad boys from crossing into the yard because there haven't been any new city parks built in Ghettoville for a long time - so there is no place to hang out and keep out of trouble in.
The photo for FOOD sort of says it all. Closed up former Garage Station advertising food as a basic staple I guess - not really appetizing - no wonder obesity and colon cancer run rampant. The US invades an oil rich nation for a lie - gas prices go up and the economy bottoms out. You can just observe all of this anywhere if you care to look from your car windows. It all looks like a Depression when you take your eyes off of the TV screen or from the wind shield and look around - especially when I look at my bills verses my income. To say nothing of absolute unhappiness with the meaning of this lie called l_i_f_e.
I just want to at least pay my bills. Steer clear of debt and save some money. But all of this is nothing more than peace pipe dreams from the book Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. No wonder every day and night there is a heavy haze just under the layer of automotive brown exhaust, a heavy haze of a disreputable libertine bluish green haze of can-o-bliss hanging over Ghettoville blowing north east outta Gangsterville.

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