Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Times Of Hope During the Great Depression of 09

...Freedom and Liberty aren't even good pet dog names anymore...

Meanwhile back in Ghettoville...

Corporations that were born and breed and grew up in the great USA who then went on to become Global-Multi-National-Corporations need to start cultivating an ethical conscience is what I am thinking today - I am demanding that these Corporations - (you know who you are and the investors tied into them) - need to ask what John F Kennedy asked of we the people: Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

Now that we live with Hope for the first time in ages none of we the people are in a situation to offer our country anything - we have been mercilessly preyed upon by cold hearted Vampiric Corporations and our material lives have been reduced to tatters and carcasses. The we the people out there have been reduced to blood drained corpses of relentlessly greedy capitalist corporate vampires. Oil companies, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Industrialists, Food conglomerates, to name a few - and my favorite -Transportation thugs who desecrated public transport in the mid 20th centuries to make everyone here in the US dependent on the automobile...

If we the people are going to have Hope in ourselves and our President and our possibilities to regain our unique and potent American optimism - then the Corporations of Control who have reduced the American Dream to an unending and depressing Nightmare are going to have to start giving back to the Nation.

We must end Corporate Welfare.

We the people cannot help Wall Street us in Ghettoville or the Big Three Automakers anymore. If we do help then we must as a Nation get something in return from our taxes - including National and globally enviable Healthcare. No corporate welfare for the auto-industry unles their rescue package is built on rebuilding National Railways, trams, metro's, buses to bicycle lanes to connect Airports and Urban centers to suburban housing communities.

We the people must say "No bailing out Wall Street" who has advocated merciless Capitalist greed at the expense of a Government and a Nation for we the people unless Wall Street gives back to Ghettoville the Nation the economic blood it drained from our very lives.

And bourgiouse Al Gore can just get off his high horse of privilege and self righteousness. I will never forgive Al Gore for conceeding Bush II the election in '00 without a fight or without balls. For Al Gore to be the environmental consciousness of 21st century public life is sick. Here is a privileged sort who though he is actually telling it like it is - for him all his remedies are luxury problems that people in his economic class can pick and choose what to do with to make themselves look good. Unfortunately Al Gore's ilk will choose and dictate what we the little people of America get inconvenienced with for the sake of our Grandchildrens world.

There really has to be a better way to reign in Americas Corporate offspring and get them to work at building up Obama's Hope because we the people have already been worked to death, without healthcare, without holiday time to work at volunteering to work at the chance for Hope we have at this precarious and precious moment in American History.

We the people need a lot less work and a lot more rest from the merciless and Apocalyptic Beast of Capitalism that this once great Nation gave birth to.

The Hope that we the people have at this moment will be devored by these beasts of Capitalism if we don't build a strong enough government to balance merciless and unethical corporate greed. Knowing that makes Hope very difficult. I am cautiously optimistic and suddenly sentimental about this land and remarkable leader.

These un-co-operative Republicans who have been bought and paid for by the Corporate-0-cracy can just go down the same economic tubes that we the people went down over all the decades since Reaganism.

Put that in your Capitalist contraband black market Pipe and smoke and let it show up in your jobs urinalysis and get you fucking fired!

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