Saturday, March 28, 2009

Suicide Park Columbus Ohio Spring 09

You drive around central Ohio and you see signs of the times. A forgotten and discarded mobile home park has become a literal Trailer Park Trash site. Salvaged almost beyond recognition these once manufactured home were typical low income housing. Nothing looked like this around here before the two Bush Administrations wrecked havok on the infrastructure of a nation and its peoples lives.
It's not about cleaning up places like this - The time now is to learn about it. How, why, who and where did this happen to?
This is not a low income version of Grey Gardens. Undocumented lives were lived here - played out by all the nastiness of the dark side of the American Dream. These are the chewed up and discarded bones of human existance from the American styled unrestrained Apocalyptic Beast of Capitalism.
What sort of people and Nation do this to themselves? This is enough to make me want to just pack up and move to The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and find some peace, order, stability and leadership.
I find these images - this modern day ghost town inside the Capital of the States of Ohio - This park tells the truth about the sadness of the state of Ohio.
It gets even creepier because even though the place seemed empty - it was not - there were people there...
Though they did not want to be seen - ghost like glimpses of strangers were behind a few of these dilapitated structures.
This is not America - a song from the film Falcon and the Snowman sung by David Bowie. But indeed this is America - this is the United States. No matter how much you try to look away - this part of America begs to be seen.
When I look at this place I just want answers. In this mortgage and housing and economic crisis my guess is - this is the future (indeed it is the present).... The large sprawling suburban homes of McMansionville beyond the ring of the outerbelt will eventually look like this. Sad scenes under a sad and ambivalent sky.
This place should be named Patriotic Park - so patriotic Americans can go here and meditate on the way things here work out for all too many people.
When I see images like this I just want to run away: To a different society, a different culture - a place with different values - where poverty does not neccessarily exclude dignity or humanity.
Shame on us in the US for our relentless economic greed. There has got to be a better way than rampant consumerism turning people into consumptives who can not then even take care of themselves or the world we live in.
This is a salvage park of homes from discarded human lives from a social and economic system based in cruelty and lacking any decency. Like Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders sang in the song My City Was Gone - with the lyric "way to go Ohio"... My Trailor Park was gone - way to go Ohio...
There has got to be a better way to rebuild a nation than to just turn it over to salvage collectors for scrap metal for the military industrial complex to use in foreign war machines.
Unsettling doesn't even begin to describe this place. More like "unhinged mentally" describes this land and park place - devoid of both park and place. The future is in Nowhere-ism.
An architectural urban lack of planning example of a a social system built on an idea like existential nihilism - where everything is permitted and nothing matters ends in what exactly... when greed takes over? ....Suicide Park.

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