Friday, April 3, 2009

Pills and Paperwork or What Healthcare in the US Really Looks Like

Pills and Paperwork are pretty much what healthcare or the lack of it in the US really looks like.
I find the commercials on TV for various Prescription drugs akin to gratuitous psychological violence.
Given the endless pills and paperwork from health insurance companies, medical centers and hospitals or clinics for procedures and tests.... It is just like beating an already sick patient who is trying to recover from an illness. I don't know - healthcare isn't supposed to be like this... a for profit industry.
The pills in and of themselves are distressing - but the paperwork - the incoming and incessant bills are the sinister dimension of the Ohio healthcare system that thrives on keeping people sick to keep the profits in the healthcare industry.
It's enough to make you wonder if there is a Judgement Day or a God.
Will all the Capitalists, Pharmaceutical companies and all the medical Doctors and Surgeons - will they ever have to answer to the Almighty - do they care as care-givers?
It is modern and medieval but especially soulless at the same time...
Healthcare in Ohio is dismal given how merciless the state of Ohio representatives have been over so many decades.
It's not being sick that is so much the problem - getting sick - that is a fact of life... Or the medicine that makes you sicker than what's wrong in the first place. It makes you wonder if we are human lab rats for these pharmaceutical giants to test on. But it's the battery of bills and subsequent incomprehensible paperwork that follow sick people around for years - that's what kills your heart and steals your soul. That's the kicker to all this suffering.
That we have created such a merciless system for ourselves when each and everyone of us will fall into this morass at least once at one point in our lives.
How do we explain that to ourselves even? How do we justify this? And to think the hospitals have a religious affiliation is the icing on the cake - that's the abomination to the people.
That the politicians who defend this shocking system generally also consider themselves religious...
All of this makes me ask if our lives in the US are bought and sold and traded via corporations like cartells who own us - are we as people publically traded as human resource commodities? My guess is yes - If so then shame on us.

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