Thursday, March 6, 2008

Experiencing Ghettoville, USA from Nowhere, Ohio

Back in the USSA coming to you live from Ghettoville, USA from Belgium to Plasticvillette to Ghettoville. Learning that lifes moments and places are stepping stones without a destination in this planetary Matrix called Earth - just one of many stops on the intergalactic public Metro system. These Blogettes are just entries from my personal travel journals throughout this mysterious cosmos longing for the Divine - the One - the singular Ultimate and unknowable Infinite from our finite minds and lives - seeking a final destination called home. Trying not to forget that Earth is just a public transit platform for us Souls confined at the moment to a shared material plane bound by this mortal coil of our bodies trying to get to the other side. In the mean time there is determination to make the Hajj and find something genuinely sacred and a mercy for this planet.

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