Friday, March 21, 2008

March 08 Snow Storm

Chez moi de la Ghettoville during the 20 inch snowfall. The car got stuck then stolen but the teen hoodlums who broke into the car and peeled the steering wheel were not the brightest lights in the chandelier of life. Chinese old wise man parable say don't go an steal an abandoned car stuck in the snow. Another parable says never spit into the wind. The Mifflinville police officer who filed the report on the car was an Ohio version of the way cool police officer character from Fargo. Despite Ghettoville's bad reputation the police services so far seem rather cool and interesting - not at all like the brainless civil servants one has come to expect. When interacting with the police my mantra is - who will police the police? To which the answer is - the Citizens (not the Consumers in case that needed clarification).

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